Horoscope for Sunday January 15 2023

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The moon is out of alignment with Pluto, the Sun is in conjunction with these same planets, there may be a test for your 3rd decan passing soon. We talk about it a lot, it’s a professional matter, maybe related to the harassment you suffered or you’ve been accused of. If so, it is important that you clearly understand what your responsibilities are.


You won’t be able to do otherwise, you have to take care of one of your loved ones today, which means you won’t have as much time as you would like. It might even be annoying that the people you spend time with won’t appreciate it and it might even be downright annoying for you. But maybe it’s not new?


Mars, which is in your sign, is activated today for the first dean. It is very likely that you are in pain somewhere, or you have someone to look after. If this is the second possibility, it’s probably more on a psychological level than you can benefit from. One of your loved ones (brother/sister, teenager) may need your help. 2nd Decan, love can surprise you.


It was the 3rd decan that was in the spotlight, because of Pluto’s dissonance, was doubly activated. You may be aware of the toxicity of a relationship. It will take time! This only concerns the very end of the sign, but you never know, other Cancerians can be swayed: don’t suppress any ideas and feelings that come to you, they can be expressed.


Be careful not to get too hot and cold with your family because you are in a bad mood; it will only last a few hours and only concern 1 decan. Especially since you have no real reason to be in a bad mood because a friendship or project can give you the energy and energy to carry out one of your projects.


Mars is activated today, you will have thousands of things to do at home and you will not be able to relax. The advantage is that you won’t be bored. You don’t like to be lazy, it’s not in your DNA: crosswords and other brain games appeal to you, and if you have animals (often, Virgo), you’re happy to devote time to them.


3rd decan, the Moon ends its transit through you by activating Pluto. If you are of the late signs, perhaps you have done a good job on yourself and you will reap the rewards. But maybe you’re just starting out, or thinking about starting one? 2nd dean, good Venusian inflow can lead to completely unexpected encounters.


The moon enters your sign at 13:09. It promises a day when you will be highly sensitive and perhaps even bothered by unanswered questions. But maybe you are wondering about a mystery that has never been solved and maybe never will be? We can detect a certain pleasure in torturing your mind, maybe masochistic, but pleasure nonetheless.


If there’s one thing that works well for you, it’s the ability to recover quickly after you exercise. You will benefit from it today, especially the first decan. However, the source of stress draining your energy is not far enough away from you to fully relax. Or you’re a champion at compartmentalizing things!


The sun enters its conjunction with Pluto in your 3rd decan. On the positive side, you have great resilience power, but on the negative side you feel powerless to raise the bar. With nuances, of course, for many of you, but this is the main expression of this situation. The first of December, you must have had a lot to do with paperwork and family matters.


Line up after setting off again in straight line, first decan, you find fishing and the will to do it. And you have until January 30 to run the project. Admittedly, Mars is still slow and if the energy is there, maybe the logistics aren’t keeping up, for now. Anyway, it’s Sunday, don’t be upset, you can’t do much for now.


Good day because you will find a way to escape by changing your horizon or your Sunday habits. Great way to clear your mind. This is how you recharge your batteries: do something that lets you forget about your worries, if they had any. And it’s true that the dissonance of Mars (born around February 27) keeps bothering you.

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