Fitpack, diet fast food in Clermont-Ferrand for takeout or delivery

“This new adventure is without a doubt one of the most stressful of my life, but it makes me want to get up in the morning,” said Marc-Alexandre Chambon with a big smile on his lips, while he was preparing tacos unlike any other…

Here, there isn’t a very greasy sauce mixed with melted cheese. These tacos are meant for dieters, but that doesn’t mean they lack flavor. Quite the contrary.

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“The goal was to offer fast food, but healthy, packed with flavour, with flavour. We work closely with the dedicated BodySano tick center to ensure the nutritional quality of each dish. In these tacos we have chicken cooked in spices and a light sauce based on ricotta. Thus rich in protein and low in fat. Accompanied by salads and desserts made of yogurt, oatmeal and kiwi and a bottle of water, this is our “dry” menu. »

The “dry” menu consists of tacos with chicken, salads (carrot, red cabbage, green salad, onions) and desserts based on yogurt, kiwi and oatmeal.

Offers for every need

And then comes the “slimming” and “mass increase” menus to suit everyone’s needs. A vegetarian formula is also being prepared.
Indeed, Marc-Alexandre Chambon launched Fitpack a month ago and “all menus are not available yet, but will be available soon”.

To do this, she can count on the help of her colleague, Juliette Naudin, who is dedicated to managing all the IT departments at Fitpack. This young woman has always been very sensitive to the nutritional intake of her food.

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I always look at what’s on the back of the label and I work out too. It makes me feel good about my body. That’s why creating a Fitpack is self-explanatory. When it’s a Sunday night, you have nothing left in the fridge and you have no other option to have it delivered or picked up, you realize that there aren’t any diet offerings on the market.

“Similarly, you are athletic or you are not and you have a certain lifestyle. When you’re at a party with friends delivering pizza or burgers, you want to eat a dish with the same passion as them and not a simple salad. So we thought about making these low-protein tacos,” says Marc-Alexandre.

Each meal is selected by a nutritionist and also weighed during preparation.

“There is no such offer in the delivery and take-out market”

To bring this innovative concept to life, the two partners have decided to tap into the wave of restaurant kitchens devoted solely to delivery and click & collect, namely the dark kitchen.

For the rest, ideas coalesce. “We’ve been working with nutritionists. Then we want to have partnerships with gyms. We are in a logical development that provides our customers with a complete offer that cares about their body”, emphasized the two partners.

Fitpack also seems to Juliette Naudin and Marc-Alexandre Chambon not only an opportunity to live an entrepreneurial experience, but also a way to share the way of life that suits them so well.

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Fitpack 23 rue Jean Richepin in Clermont-Ferrand.
“Dry” menu for takeaway (13 euros), delivery (17 euros).

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