Bored with League of Legends? Here is a selection of games that can hook you for a long time!

Game news Bored with League of Legends? Here is a selection of games that can hook you for a long time!

Playing League of Legends is fun, but sometimes there are lags. This highly acclaimed MOBA has firmly established itself in the world of competitive video games since 2009. Although this behemoth is getting old, it remains popular and few have managed to find a replacement. This is why, with the editorial staff, we offer several titles from different horizons (single or multiplayer) to get away from this very good but addicting game.

For our selection of games that you might like and that will be in the same vein as League of Legends, we’ve selected titles that share the following qualifications: high endurance, replayability, dynamic gameplay, and isometric views.


  • Opportunity to test other MOBAs
  • RTS (Real Time Strategy Game)
  • Hack’n’Slash
  • Like naughty

Opportunity to test other MOBAs

Probably the easiest option: switch to League of Legends (Lol) by other games of the same genre, in this case: MOBA. Even if it is the most popular worldwide, it is far from the only title of its kind. Let’s start with the most obvious one: Dota 2. Surely Lol’s main competitor, this is an excellent title from Valve, co-created by the former makers of the first Dota, personalized map mod from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. Difficult to learn, it is a demanding title suitable for players hungry for a challenge. For its part, SMITE offers a third-person view that’s slightly changed from other MOBAs in the top view. Players control one of the Gods who have their own skills related to their mythology. Players can also switch to Blizzard to play Heroes of the Storm. Although no new content will be released, this does not yet mark the end of this MOBA. It’s still very possible to find play against players, but we shouldn’t expect to see anything new happen for this license.

RTS (Real Time Strategy Game)

Switching League of Legends could be a great opportunity to take a look at MOBA ancestors. One of the first MOBAs created via Blizzard’s famous RTS mod. Defense of the Ancients is the name given to this particular map by the players, which is where Dota 2 comes from. So playing Warcraft III can be a nostalgic alternative. It’s up to you to see if you want to try adventure with the version of the game from the time (2002) or the reworked version (Warcraft III: Reforged) which is far from unanimous support among fans. Further down the MOBA family tree, players can enjoy the first installment of Starcraft which spawned the first custom map “Aeon of Strife”, considered the father of traditional MOBA. Starcraft and Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty are excellent strategy games that are never too late to discover, especially for fans of military science fiction.

Still in nostalgia, but moving away from the MOBA connection, players can immerse themselves in the extraordinary Age of Empires and Age of Mythology. This great real-time strategy license is a must have. Listing all the outstanding RTS would take a long time, but we can mention, for example, Northgard.

Bored with League of Legends?  Here is a selection of games that can hook you for a long time!


The kind of nervous game, with lots of replayability that will come close to Lol in terms of gameplay and isometric views? Try hack ‘n’ Slash! If you’re not familiar with the genre, you can start with the Diablo license. The fourth work is out in June, so the time is right to kick off this title which takes place in a dark medieval fantasy universe. If you don’t want to put money into your game, you can skip to Path of Exile. This excellent title is updated regularly and is enough to spend hours playing, but the game is a bit difficult, especially for newbies to the genre. Skill customization is very deep, which can be unsettling for players who have never touched this type of game. Do you want to dive into an MMO? In that case, Lost Ark might be a viable option. This production is perfect for players who don’t want to lead and just want to have fun with others. A bit more retro, Dungeon Siege is a safe bet that many Internet users consider one of the best licenses of its kind. Interesting story, intricate tactics and rich universe, it’s hard not to give up on this series of games.

Bored with League of Legends?  Here is a selection of games that can hook you for a long time!

Like naughty

Let’s close our article with game genres that former League of Legends players might find interesting. Likes naughty, besides generally having a somewhat twitchy gameplay, offering great replayability. Hades is a really good way to leave Lol, with the dark and light universes in the underworld of Greek mythology. Every run is different to it, especially with gods giving players different abilities to get to the surface. Always on the side high replayability games, The Binding of Isaac is highly rated. Despite its sheer difficulty, this title remains very accessible to beginners, with gameplay that is more than just addictive.

Bored with League of Legends?  Here is a selection of games that can hook you for a long time!

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