A small excerpt from the “Putinophile Dictionary accepts ideas”: Ukraine, Vladimir Putin, strategic dialogue, oligarchy, sovereignty, democracy

Vladimir Putin during a video conference from the Kremlin.

Vladimir Putin during a video conference from the Kremlin.


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Gaston Crémieux published on Twitter a “Poutinophile Dictionary accepting ideas”. Since Vladimir Putin’s arrival in the Kremlin, the Russian authorities have been lying. This lie was further strengthened by the invasion of Ukraine. The entire French intelligentsia has been transmitting and amplifying Kremlin fake news for twenty years. Extract 2/2.

Ukraine: There is no. Is the heart of Russia. Inhabited by neo-Nazis. Sometimes all three at once, which makes it possible to cut. Ultimately, if Russia invades, it will be the fault of the EU and NATO, of which Ukraine is not a member. “In Eastern Ukraine, it is the Russians, with Russian identity cards “” the civil war orchestrated, in this city, by the criminal strategists of NATO and their unknowing European helpers“Andrei Makine, 2018”Let’s be careful not to add to the usual Disneyland: the evil Mr. Putin on the one hand and the excellent kyiv government, who are all as vicious people as one can imagine. After all, some of them are neo-Nazis“Jean-Luc Melenchon, 2014.

Putin (Vladimir):A head of state, a great head of state, leader of one of the greatest nations on the planet. He is very honorable and must be respected. as Eric Zemmour defines it tautologically very well. We can, without great reprobation, give him the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor on the week of Anna Politovskaya’s murder, inviting him to Versailles after he tried to upset our 2017 election or to Fort Brégançon during the repression of the demonstrations. Unlike Obama or US imperialism, one can curry favor with Vladimir Putin or Russia without being called a waiter or a poodle.”He had accomplished something truly historic… he couldn’t have done better… the wise man above the fray…“Hélène Carrère d’Encausse, 2020” I would dream of French Poutine “Eric Zemmour” It is hard to see what the American-European media will believe we will swallow about Putin, among whom it is clear that most Russians want him as President, which is far from the reality of our Head of State teaching us lessons. democracy, Mr. Macron leads“, Paul-Marie Knife 2018”Vladimir Putin is a phenomenal geopolitical tactician“Marion Marshal Le Pen, 2022”Vladimir Putin is loved by his people. It’s very moving to see once someone arrives in Russia. This hardly happened to Emmanuel Macron“Paul-Marie Knife, 2022.

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Small excerpt from “Putinophile Dictionary accepts ideas”: abandonment, anti-imperialism, Crimea, Donbass, NATO

Strategic dialogue: A must. “We have to talk to Russia”. Even if every “reset” and every resumption of dialogue is inevitably followed by new expansionist maneuvers from the Kremlin. Feel free to add a bit of geostrategic blackmail by explaining that otherwise Russia will turn to China. To dispel that since 2010, China has been Russia’s first economic and strategic partner and that France has never seriously considered economic exchanges with Russia. ” In the face of Islamic totalitarianism, (…) We must talk to Russia », François Filon, 2016 « We have to talk to Russia even if we don’t share our values “Emanuel Macron, 2017” Gradually, we see Russia turning to China (…) We must try to sever as much of the danger that this association represents Marine Le Pen, 2022.

Oligarchy: Thunder Against. Salute to their weakening by Vladimir Putin and their actions to serve all of Russia. Unless it’s Konstantin Malofeev (see Malofeev), Russia’s principal provider of money to the European right, or Vladimir Yakunin (see Yakunin), Eric Zemmour’s contact with Russian power. Forgot to say that the oligarchic system is still in effect in Russia and it is led by… Vladimir Putin, whose wealth is estimated by Bill Browder at 200 billion dollars. If you are criticized for being paid by an oligarch, first say he is a friend (see Malofeev) and then complain about the greed of Western banks who deny you loans for your projects and political adventures (see Malofeev).” I admire Vladimir Putin because he managed to bring the oligarchs into submission “Marine Le Pena” Russia’s biggest businessmen have been asked to stop dealing with politics, a Kremlin prerogative, and concentrate on their business, without forgetting to “serve Russia’s national interests.”“, Frédéric Pons, former editor-in-chief of Valeurs Actuelles, 2015.

Sovereignty: Applies only to Russia and also includes the right to invade its neighbors. For any other country, in particular the former Soviet Union, we will speak as Brezhnev of “limited sovereignty” “For a multipolar world that respects state sovereignty. Russia, a great country that should reconnect with FranceNicholas Bay, 2017.

Democracy: Russia is a democracy, not yet rotted by decadent liberalism. Basically, we can’t do better. Don’t hesitate to use arguments in the assassination of a political opponent like Boris Nemtsov or a journalist with integrity like Anna Politovskaia. Also use it during repression of opposition demonstrations against the regime and then compare it to the Yellow Vest demonstrations in France (see Yellow Vests). “Russia is not the Soviet Union, it is a large modern and safe country, and a democracy. I’m not sure that France, given what happened with the RN can teach the rest of the world a lesson in democracy“Marine Le Pena”Vladimir Putin is the democratically elected head of state with 63% of the vote. And I can measure his immense popularity, either in Moscow or in Crimea during the days spent there“Philippe de Villiers, 2014”In Moscow, I was most impressed by the order, cleanliness and decency of the people.”Jean-Luc Melenchon, 2018.

Quote from “Poutinophile dictionary accepts ideas” published by Gaston Crémieux on Twitter.

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