5 decisive points for the PS5 and its PSVR 2!

Game news 5 decisive points for the PS5 and its PSVR 2!

Recently, PlayStation VR 2 revealed itself a bit more. Only a month since its release, one wonders if there is any chance of success. To provide an initial answer, here’s a video exploring the various arguments that are already known around PSVR 2.


  • PSVR 2, what’s the reason?
  • Sony innovates on all fronts…
  • First impression
  • And the catalog, was it discarded or not?
  • What Sony needs to prove…

PSVR 2, what’s the reason?

So, we’re not going to hide it: virtual reality remains a niche market. Even if the first headsets used on the PlayStation 4 were a success, they were still in the minority. The proof, has sold nearly 5 million copies of a total of 117 million machines sold. Proportionally, we’re talking about 4.3% of PS4 equipped with virtual reality. Expected February 22, 2023, PSVR 2 offers technology that is better suited to the PlayStation 5. Through several innovations, Sony wants to continue to bring new audiences to its VR ecosystem. In the video found above, reasons for the obsolescence of older models are explained. Feel free to watch it to find out more!

Sony innovates on all fronts…

PSVR 2 promises to be a little gem of technology! And don’t be surprised if you see the prices set by Sony to be able to take advantage of these accessories. If you want to take a look at it (or take a look at it, that would work even better), it will cost no less than €599.99. So yeah, for those who haven’t been in the know since the price was announced last November, it might come as a surprise. For good reason, this helmet comes with a few cables and two controllers are more expensive than the consoles that let you play them. And that, despite the various new features announced (a stick on the controller, helmet vibration, etc.), it generated a serious backlash. In addition, various advantages are detailed compared to its predecessor Chronicle 5 Things to know are listed at the beginning of the article.

First impression

PSVR 2 is a great VR headset. But even if we think it was very good at the time, it doesn’t revolutionize much on the surface. But to stand out, Sony highlights two advantages of its accessory: vibration motor and eye tracking. For the former, we assure you, it’s not shaking your head as if you were in spin mode. Moreover, as mentioned in the video at the beginning of the article, there are several titles that are skilled at using it. Then there’s eye tracking technology. Thanks to the camera, the helmet follows your gaze. With the latter, the possibilities for your interactions with entities or decorations are vast. Again, we give you some more specific examples in the special column at the beginning of the article.

And the catalog, was it discarded or not?

So, here we come to a point that makes some teeth cringe: games. In its 6 years of operation, there have been very few exclusive PSVR games that have come from major partner licenses. Nobody really took the risk and it was an admission of failure for PlayStation. This is an observation that can be made very simply by asking players what they think of their library of VR toys. The goal of investing in PSVR is to find a franchise that players will love. With this new tool, has the checkmark been fixed? Well, if there are good games, there’s no doubt that PSVR 2 doesn’t offer many unique experiences. In addition to Horizon: Call of the Mountain, we describe the games that marked us in the chronicle of 5 Things to know. But clearly, we are talking about a small project where the PC adaptation. The PS5 won’t really have a huge catalog when it releases and that could cause some issues…

5 decisive points for the PS5 and its PSVR 2!

What Sony needs to prove…

What will be the main challenge of this PSVR 2 ? Make a PSVR buy for everyone who falls in love at first. We have to convince them about the quality of the product, the simplicity of its connection, the quality of its appearance, etc. All of that, we were sure when we got to try PSVR 2. However, as always with VR, it’s very difficult to demonstrate its merits without a helmet on the nose. Apart from that, during a pandemic, it seems difficult to place test points in shopping centers or other areas. Other additional challenges are discussed in the video above. So to interest players without the possibility of testing stuff, there’s no 10,000 solution… In the coming months, PlayStation should announce substantial titles in virtual reality. If possible, this should be from a flagship license, something the house doesn’t actually own.

  • If the topic interests you, you can watch episode 5 of Things to know about PSVR 2 available at the beginning of the article.

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