Weather in Brittany: a gust of wind before the cold, snow and sleet

Temperatures will halve in mid-January 2022, compared to what has been known for a few weeks in Brittany. Hail, snow and wind will also be present, giving the week a very cold color. ©Agnès ESTEVES DA SILVA

Winter isn’t over yet, contrary to what the temperatures observed over the past few weeks in Brittany might suggest. And we must demonstrate its ability to manifest itself again from January 15th.

Tomorrow, Saturday January 14th, we still have spring temperature, almost everywhere close to 14-15°C in the afternoon. But strong winds, about 70-80 km/h, including inland, and rainwill undoubtedly reduce the feeling of tenderness.

Storm then hail

Temperature will refresh clear for the evening of Saturday January 14th as well as in the evening. Since Sunday January 15th, lower temperature for the day started. We will only have 8-9°C in the afternoon, and already sleet or sleet will be set on north Brittanyaround Lannion, Morlaix and Paimpol a little later in the night.

Winds should be around 70 km/h according to Météo France while forecasters from Météo Bretagne announced strong gusts of wind for the evening from Sunday to Monday: “In the afternoon (6pm to 8pm), gusts were 100 to 120kph on the coast. These strong winds then hit the south coast of Brittany (from Cornouaille to Loire-Atlantique). The peak of the strongest winds should be reached between 20.00 and 21.00 and until midnight, ”explains Météo Bretagne. On land, winds can blow from 70 to 90 km/h.

Uncertainty of the form of precipitation

The fortune teller agreed, however, on dropping temperature and formable rainfall more or less dense

“Rain, sleet, snow, sunny spells and high winds. Real time winter rain to watch out for. Indeed, hail tends to create problems on Breton roads, especially on the north coast,” said Steven Tual of Météo Bretagne.

According to Météo France, on Monday morning January 16th, thathail will spread north of the Fougères (Ille-et-Vilaine)-Plouaret (Côtes-d’Armor) line. Coastal towns like Saint-Malo or Saint-Brieuc will not be spared, just like pink granite beach. possible traffic conditions complicated in the affected area.

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Feeling very cold on Wednesday

in the afternoon, temperature drops still level, around 5-6°C (7°C on the south coast), but the chill will be much more pronounced because the wind will blow pretty hardabout 40/50 km/h and with orientation Northwest.

It’s rare for it to rain all day, but it’s still hard to tell in what form they will appear (rain, hail, snow). Precipitation is expected intensify in the evening.

Tuesday January 17th, Météo France is considering snow in central Brittany as well as in the region fern. Afternoons should still rain and sunny spells will replace the rain with very cold night.

Wednesday, January 18th, the day it should be dry with little snowflake in central Brittany and very cold minimum temperatures, around 4-5°C, slightly higher in the South and Finistère. Wednesday January 18th should be that day coldest of the weeke.

Snow almost everywhere on January 19?

BRITTANY WEATHER by Météo-France - forecast for Thursday 19 January 2022 - snow
Forecast Thursday, January 19, 2022 by Météo France. © France Meteo Screenshot

It was Thursday, January 19th heaviest snowfall could relate to Brittany. Most areas can be affected, except for Finistère and the beach. The temperature can go up a degree or two.

Friday, January 20, cold spell can be completed in Brittany with temperatures around 9-10°C and lots of rain.

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