Verratti’s incredible declaration of love for France!

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He is the oldest to wear PSG colors. Arriving in the summer of 2012 from Pescara, at a time when Paris was entering another dimension with the arrivals of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva, Marco Verratti fell in love with France, who had just recently extended his contract with PSG. In an interview for France Football, “Petit Hibou” does not hide his love for our country:

“I grew up here, I raised a family here. I arrived, I was still a teenager. Today, I am a man. I lived an important part of my life, here in France. The French are very careful, they let You live your life. They’re not the ones to judge you. In Italy, sometimes it’s hard when you become a successful person. There’s always a bit of jealousy. I was lucky enough to have succeeded in something I could do without getting paid. But we almost felt different, though we are normal people.i have friends who go to play football on wednesday nights,thursday nights,without touching money,but have the exact same hobby as me.for kids,adults,we are sometimes idols,people they look up to, but we are not extraordinary. We are just normal. We are 18, 20, 30 years old who also make mistakes. In Italy, you get a lot of blame for your mistakes. success. I want to live a normal life al me. Also, like everyone else,” he said before returning to the words of Zlatan, who at the time referred to France as “a m**** country”: “Zlatan is Zlatan. He said a lot of things he meant and a lot he didn’t. When we were in Paris he was always nice. We are together all the time and he is happy. He’s a very quiet kid off the pitch and he really likes France. He can go out, go to restaurants, we go clubbing together. He said to me: “But Marco, this kind of thing in Italy is impossible.” He’s a really nice person, someone who gives you a lot of good advice in his own way, but if you get to know him and understand how he does it, you love him. He has a big heart.”

Evidence of his attachment to France, he did not hide that he supported The Blues in the World Cup final:

“I have many friends in the French team, my wife (Jessica Aïdi) is French, my children were born in France. During the World Cup, they suffered when the Blues were in trouble. But I was happy and unhappy. Argentina did something extraordinary usual. Especially for Messi. He is a really great player and I think it’s a bit rotten he ended his career without winning the thing that is most important to him. often says that his team can’t win and in two years he won everything (Copa America 2021, Finalissima, and World Cup 2022).On the other hand, I want France to win for my friends. I want to see them happy. Me for Kylian, for France, and for the other friends I have in this team. This is the final we will talk about for a long time.” launched before revealing that he would continue to live in France after his career: “Yes. I love France!”

Verratti looks back on his PSG moments!

The former Pescara man then went on to share a more footballing viewpoint and particularly in Ligue 1:

“Ligue 1 allowed me to find a different Championship that took me out of my comfort zone. Every country has its specialty. L1 is very physical. I’m not too tall, not too strong. All these teams, you have to defend and be strong. This Championship has helped me a lot to grow at this point.In European competitions, PSG often go far.We played in the Champions League final recently (2020, against Bayern, 0-1).Lyon also played in the semifinals.The final beat Juve (1 -0, 1-2), Manchester City (3-1), two big teams. 1. I saw a lot of good players. Ligue 1 is not worse than Serie A or any other league.”

He then spoke about his best memories at PSG as well as his worst:

“The first championship we won here (2012-2013) is something that will remain special to me. It was the first I won. This title was sorely lacking in Paris and I saw how much the fans celebrated. I never knew that. It’s one of my fondest memories. And outside of football, I have a lot of good memories. I married in France, my children were born here. The worst memory is football. We lost a game that made me very bad. Against Barcelona, ​​​​6-1, or against Manchester United at home. After that game, I had two very difficult weeks each time.”

Finally, he concluded by lamenting the rumors about his lifestyle:

“That reputation bothers me because often it’s not true. When you are a journalist, you have to do something honest. If that’s true, I take responsibility, as it so often does. to look like someone who goes out every night. In the end, it’s wrong. People who know me know what I do and who I am. There are times when I know I can get out, other times when I know I should take a break. And I’m 20 years old, it’s different. Today, I like to go out to dinner with my teammates, my friends, but it’s something everyone does. When it was me, it became a problem. Every time we lost a game, we said, “Marco, he’s out.” They said I went there, but the club was closed. Another time, they said I had a night out with singer Rihanna, but I didn’t even know her. You must be honest.”

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