Ukraine still claims control of Soledar, Russia’s new attack on Kyiv

SITUATION UPDATE – Ukrainians are competing this Saturday for control of the small town of Donbass, which is claimed by Russia, which is bombarding key sites in the capital.

As fighting intensified in the town of Soledar, not far from Bakhmout, the gateway to eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian capital experienced several attacks on critical infrastructure. Faced with relentless bombardment, Ukraine renewed its demand to the West for heavy weapons. A wish heard by the UK which has committed to deliver the tank, Challengers 2.

kyiv is under bomb again

Several explosions were heard this Saturday, January 14 in important infrastructure in kyiv. “Missile attack on critical infrastructurelive in a shelter“. The municipality of Ukraine also reported shooting at an installation,”without major damage or fire“. According to him, a fire broke out in a warehouse after the fall of fragments of a missile in the Golosiivsky district.

Other areas have also been targeted by Russian attacks. In Kharkiv (northeast),”enemy launched new missile attack on critical infrastructuresaid Governor Oleg Synegibov. Emergency power outages could occur in this city, the second in Ukraine. Further south, attacks have also been reported in the Zaporizhia region. “Today the enemy again opened fire on energy installations“, commented the operator Ukrenergo, adding to work for “eliminate the consequencesfrom this strike.

Russian and Ukrainian armies are neck and neck in Soledar

The enemy again attacked the territory of Ukrainesaid Igor Taburets, head of the Cherkasy region in the center of the country, adding a large-scale warning at midday. Since October and a series of setbacks in Ukraine, Moscow has methodically bombarded the country’s vital infrastructure, forcing power companies to restore the grid as quickly as possible as the winter season gets harsher.

Ahead, the small town of Soledar, in eastern Ukraine, amid heavy fighting and which Moscow claims has taken, is still “under controlUkraine, convinced Saturday the governor of the Donetsk region, Pavlo Kyrylenko. “Soledar is under the control of the Ukrainian authorities, our troops control it“, he said, adding “fighting continued inside and outside the city“.

This area and the nearby town of Bakhmout today remain points “hottestconflict, he said on television. Previously, the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed on Friday that “release“from this city has happened”January 12 at night“. The Russian military applauds “brave act“Warriors of the Wagner mercenary group, led by his men”direct attack on the residential area of ​​Soledar“.

The fighting in and around Soledar has been raging for several months, but has increased in intensity in recent days. Its capture by Moscow troops will be a significant victory for Russia, after a series of ground failures by its forces in recent months.

The British launched a shipment of heavy weapons

To confront the Russian army, Kyiv on Friday again asked its Western allies to provide more high-performance weapons and military equipment, such as heavy tanks and long-range missiles. “To win this war, we need more military equipment, heavy equipment“, insisted on Telegram Andriï Iermak, chief of staff of the Ukrainian presidency.

No sooner said than done. Britain will supply Ukraine with Challenger 2 tanks, becoming the first Western country to deliver heavy tanks. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the UK government, saying “sending the right signalby providing tanks to his country.

Neither Russia nor Ukraine”not in a position to win militarily»

The UN Security Council is meeting again to discuss the situation in Ukraine nearly eleven months after the start of the Russian invasion. “Ukraine, Russia, the world cannot afford to continue this war“, underlined the Undersecretary General of the United Nations for Political Affairs, Rosemary DiCarlo, regretted not seeing “there was no sign of the end of the battle“.

For its part, Turkey has asked the army to negotiate “local truce”, being unable to reach a more comprehensive peace agreement. Neither Russia nor Ukraine”not in a position to win militarily“, It is estimated that Ibrahim Kalin, a close adviser to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said he was confident”that in the end they have to negotiate to reach an acceptable outcomefor both sides.

Russian gas will return to Europe»

European countries will eventually resume their Russian gas imports, predicted the Minister of Energy of Qatar, the country among the largest exporters of this hydrocarbon, predicting that the current market volatility will continue. European countries largely curtailed their Russian gas supplies after Moscow invaded Ukraine in February 2022, a conflict that caused a jolt in global energy markets.

Russian gas will return, I think, to Europe“even if he now has”much greater diversitya source of supply, said Qatari Minister Saad Sherida al-Kaabi, also head of QatarEnergy, the wealthy Gulf emirate’s national gas company. “Europeans today say that is impossible“but”things improve with timethe official added during an energy forum held in Abu Dhabi.

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