Small excerpt from “Putinophile Dictionary accepts ideas”: abandonment, anti-imperialism, Crimea, Donbass, NATO

Vladimir Putin at a press conference.

Vladimir Putin at a press conference.

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Gaston Crémieux published on Twitter a “Poutinophile Dictionary accepting ideas”. Since Vladimir Putin’s arrival in the Kremlin, the Russian authorities have been lying. This lie was further strengthened by the invasion of Ukraine. The entire French intelligentsia has been transmitting and amplifying Kremlin fake news for twenty years. Extract 1/2.

Since Vladimir Putin came to power, Russian power has lied. About the wars he led, the killings he committed, the pseudo-democratic nature of his regime or the pseudo-liberal character of his economy, corrupted by an oligarchic kleptocracy close to the Kremlin. This lie was further strengthened by the invasion of Ukraine.

With ill-digested anti-imperialism, with sympathy for the reactionary ideology conveyed by Vladimir Putin, with reverence for powerful people and dictatorial regimes, with hatred for democracy and the West, there is the entire French intelligentsia to convey and amplify fake news from the Kremlin. for 20 years. With them, it is no longer necessary to travel to find yourself every day in France in the “Country of Confusing Lies” Ante Ciliga.

Confronted with this brainwashing and this very French conformism, we have adopted the famous recipe for ideological detonation: Canard Enchaîné responded in the midst of the First World War to “gurus of patriotism” with “irony” but above all chief art connoisseur Gustave Flaubert -ridicules in his dictionary the accepted clichéd ideas of his time.

Waiver: The country where the hypocrite West (see Western hypocrisy) left Russia after the end of the Soviet Union. Talk about it with a vibration in your voice. This neglect wounds the Russian soul (see Russian soul). On a good day, to go so far as to say that the billions given to Russia by the United States, Europe and the IMF have contributed to its humiliation (see Humiliation) because someone did not give alms to Great people (see Great People). ” Russia emerged in tatters from the dissolution of the Soviet Union (..) and no one tried to help this country out of disaster » Hélène Carrère d’Encausse, 2022

Anti-imperialism: Lets you dress your support for Russia with extra left wing or decolonial soul. Can be used to cover convergence with the rightmost poutinolâtres. Don’t hesitate, moreover, when thinking of being on the left, denying the existence of a transmission belt between Europe’s right wing and the Kremlin, it’s a mess. ” I have ratified Venezuela’s condemnation of NATO’s destabilizing actions: Venezuela is with Putin, he is with Russia. He is with the brave and just people of the world “. Nicolas Maduro, 2022 “ If Russia wins this war, [l’anti-impérialisme] can take on more values ​​and scales [et] this is what we do on the African continent […] in the fight against colonialism, imperialism in all its forms and if Russia succeeds in this it can become guarantor among others “Kemi Seba, 2022”There is legitimate Russian patriotism; to see Putin as the godfather of nationalists in Europe is a mistake, he is a realist“Jean-Pierre Chevenement, 2018

Crimea: Always Russian. Not to mention the fact that it was Tatar for 400 years, an independent republic within the Soviet Union then Ukraine for 80 years and only then Russia. Let’s not even mention the fact that we spent several drunken nights there with the Russian oligarchs. Moreover, we are watching a dummy referendum on engagement with Russia. If you’re Philippe de Villiers, go so far as to try to build a Puy du Fou there for the Christian edification of the Crimean masses who don’t ask for too much (see Malofeev). “Crimea has been Russia since the 18th century” Eric Zemmour “Crimea chose Russia, we can’t blame him“Nicolas Sarkozy, 2015”The referendum in Crimea was organized by a regional authority elected 3 years earlier. Its validity is undeniable.Thierry Mariani, 2015

Donbass: Like Crimea (see Crimea), always Russian. As for Crimea, to participate enthusiastically in the obscure “election mission” that made it possible to validate the fake referendums on self-determination of the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics. If you are on the left, shut up about the conglomeration of ultranationalist, tsarist and neo-Nazi militias that actually came to power in Donbass, as well as about the open anti-Semitic, anti-Roman and homophobic policies of local authorities. If you’re on the right, avoid mentioning the fate reserved for the Catholic Church and other religious minorities in the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, as well as the participation of Chechen Islamic militias in local kleptocracies. “After Syria, I’m in Donbass. Two countries are at war. Same point? The joy of life, the permanent smile of its inhabitants. A lesson.“Julien Rochedy

NATO: Say “titanium.” To influence do not know what it is for. Makes trite jokes “NATO suspends your flight”, “NATO takes the wind”, etc. (see Quai d’Orsay). Its existence constitutes aggression to Russia, even though it is a defense alliance and Ukraine has been denied entry. It has been promised, because of the hypocrisy of the West (see hypocrisy of the West), that it will not spread to the East. Repeat this last argument until it becomes sickening because it is the only way to present the free membership of the peoples of Eastern Europe in the Atlantic Alliance as a provocation. Too bad it’s wrong. See Aggression, see US Imperialism » Russia, liberated from all revolutionary ideology, witnessed in a free country the instrumentation of NATO to enslave the world to America. “Philippe de Villiers”Of course Crimea “lost” to NATO. I’m well. It is hoped that, as a result, the group of provocateurs and agitated people directing the maneuvers will calm down for a while (…) the eastern border is more or less stable if NATO does not add more“Jean-Luc Melenchon

Quote from “Poutinophile dictionary accepts ideas” published by Gaston Crémieux on Twitter.

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