Real Madrid – Barça: highly motivated for the final, Xavi stays and signs the transfer window!

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After Carlo Ancelotti, it was Xavi’s turn to appear at the pre-match press conference. An opportunity for the Spanish technician to work on his enormous motivation and immense respect for Carlo Ancelotti. Words reported by Mundo Deportivo.

About the motivation to win the title

“We are very motivated, very excited and this title will mean a lot, especially against Madrid, whatever happens the season will continue but with the title in hand everything changes. I see Madrid are very strong. The psychological aspect is very basic and in this sense maybe they have a little bit more advantage because they have played more finals and the thirst to win the title has to feed us, we haven’t won for a long time and we have to go for the title”, as I said in extra time. You should try to play like the first 60 minutes the other day. Mentally, you must be calm and control your emotions. You have to show hunger and ambition, that’s non-negotiable. We have a lot of players who have not won titles at Barça and that has to be an advantage. Tomorrow is a big opportunity for these players and the veterans have to show their category and experience. This is the advantage of having a player who has never won to win. showing a thirst for titles.”

The fact that Real has one more day to recover

“Next year it could be to play the semi-finals on the same day, that would be fairer, but physical problems are not an excuse. There are players who are tired but everything is available. Tomorrow is the final and you have to be ready. When you start playing football as a child, that’s to play in a final, especially Madrid. We are not afraid or anxious, we are facing a golden opportunity to win a title that will give us a lot of confidence.”

About the obligation to win

“Winning is non-negotiable at Barca, we are here to win titles and goals are titles. We are 90 or 120 minutes away from winning titles for this reason. For us, not for Madrid, if it was another rival, we would have it.” equal obligation to win. I’ve said many times that I don’t prioritize myself, I prioritize the club, Barça, the players… Barca must win titles. as a coach, I will try my best to win. finals. But if we lose, we will continue to compete for all the titles. We are very excited to face Madrid in the final, a Clásico, it will mean a lot to Barcelona fans. I would change my place to any of them (players, editor’s note), even those on the bench to come out for a few minutes and participate. When I was a kid I thought about it, playing the final against Madrid and the whole world was watching you, I felt important. I’m very motivated to r tomorrow.”

In the Clasico last October

“It’s different to the Clásico in La Liga, we arrive with the whole team available and that’s a big difference. We’ll try to show our game and control their transitions and disarm them in defense where they are very strong. We have to attack and defend in the best way to try and win the Super Cup, it hasn’t changed much from October.”

In the lens

“The first goal is to reach the final and you have to respect that because it’s not easy. The goal is to get the cup and bring it to Barcelona. It’s pressure to be at such a big club but the pressure is welcome.” .”

On repair

“Many aspects always worry me, there are always things to improve, this is football and there is never perfection. It’s a game of mistakes but you have to try to minimize them and be more efficient. The first 60 minutes against Betis were very good but then they made it difficult We are. That’s football. You have to try to be more aggressive, not lose the high pressure, play on the other side… these are aspects to improve in every game.”

About Araujo

“Ronald is outstanding defensively, probably one of the best in the world, correcting spaces one on one, he is a great corrector for us. Having him give us security and leadership. was an option to put him on the right.”

About Gavi

“The passion and intensity that Gavi brings is always needed. We will see how the minutes go and the options to play with four midfielders or with an open end. We have a lot of variables in attack and depending on how the opponents play, we try to attack somehow. Gavi gave us a lot, he’s a decisive player in midfield and important for the team.”

The fact that Ancelotti has not lost a final since 2010

“Statistics are made to beat. I’m motivated and satisfied to reach the final. You have to know where you’re coming from. We have Madrid in front of us, that’s extra motivation and if Ancelotti hasn’t lost a final since 2010, that motivates me even more.”

On his attack

“I still haven’t decided how we will develop in attack. In principle, they are all available and we will choose according to what we think is best for the team. I think it is not a matter of individuality but how to do it defensively or attacking. I don’t think it depends on the name. Ansu came in at the end as an example and made the difference. Everyone has to be ready. Things can vary in a game.”

About the Clasico Guardiola-Mourinho

“The Clásicos de Mourinho era was not positive for anyone, we didn’t give a good image to both teams, we have to be polite. I have a good relationship with Ancelotti, we met many times, for me, he is a great person and man football, you have to follow this line and not allow the fact that this is just a sporting war, I admire the coach and some of the Madrid players and I have nothing to hide.”

In the transfer window

“I’ve said before that I don’t want anyone to leave but if anyone has to leave it has to be compensated. I’m not going to name names because we’re focused on the final but if anyone wants to leave it has to be compensated.”

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