new missile strike on kyiv, major infrastructure targeted

“Missile attacks on critical infrastructure” are underway in Kyiv, a Ukrainian presidential adviser said on Saturday.

Russia fired missiles at key infrastructure in Kyiv and other parts of Ukraine on Saturday (Jan. 14), according to Ukrainian officials, while uncertainty remains over the fate of Soledar, in the east of the country which Moscow claims has taken control after heavy fighting. fight.

Missile attack on critical infrastructurelive in a shelter“. Shrapnel of the missile fell in the Golosiivsky district, without causing any injuries, the mayor of Kyiv said again.

Attacks on critical infrastructure

In the Kharkiv region (northeast),”enemy launched new missile attack on critical infrastructuresaid Governor Oleg Synegibov. Emergency power outages could occur in this city, the second in Ukraine. Attacks have also been reported further south, in the Zaporizhia region. “The enemy again attacked the territory of Ukraine“, also said the head of the Cherkasy region (centre), Igor Taburets, adding a large-scale warning at midday.

Since October and a series of setbacks in Ukraine, Moscow has methodically bombarded the country’s vital infrastructure, forcing power companies to restore the grid as quickly as possible as the winter season gets harsher.

The city of Soledar at the heart of strategic progress

On the front line, fighting for Soledar”continue“, stressed the Ukrainian staff late Friday, without giving further details. Previously, the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed that “release“from this city has happened”January 12 at night“. The Russian military applauds “brave act“Warriors of the Wagner mercenary group, led by his men”direct attack on the residential area of ​​Soledar“.

The spokesman for the Eastern Command of the Ukrainian army, Serguiï Tcherevaty, has confirmed during the day that his forces are keeping the situation under control “controlled under difficult conditions“face”to Wagner’s best units and other special forces” Russia. “It’s a difficult phase of war“, has underlined the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Ganna Maliar, acknowledged “high intensity attack (Russia).“.

According to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), a US-based agency, the conquest of Soledar, a small town of about 10,000 before the conflict, was “it could not have foreshadowed the imminent siege of Bakhmout», the main target of the Russian army, is located 15 kilometers southwest of Soledar. The fighting in and around Soledar has been raging for several months, but has increased in intensity in recent days.

Russia is lonely internationally

To confront the Russian army, Kyiv on Friday again asked its Western allies to provide more high-performance weapons and military equipment, such as heavy tanks and long-range missiles. “To win this war, we need more military equipment, heavy equipment“, insisted on Telegram Andriï Iermak, chief of staff of the Ukrainian presidency.

The UN Security Council for its part meets again on Friday to discuss the situation in Ukraine on Friday, almost eleven months after the start of the Russian invasion. “Ukraine, Russia, the world cannot afford to continue this warsaid UN Under Secretary General for Political Affairs Rosemary DiCarlo. But “it’s the military logic that dominates, with very little room for dialogue at this point, if any“, he added, seeing “there was no sign of the end of the battle“.

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