LIVE – Rennes: Mandanda confirms his international retirement

It’s over for this Stade Rennais conference

The Stade Rennais press conference has ended.

Ahead of welcoming PSG to Stade Rennais, Breton goalkeeper Steve Mandanda (35 options) confirmed this Saturday the end of his international career, at the age of 37. After Hugo Lloris, the Blues said goodbye to the big goalkeeper whose adventure in the French team began 15 years ago.

Mandanda at Mbappé

“He is one of the best players in the world, he knows how to do everything, he moves quickly, he is very clever in the game. We have to have a collective response with a compact unit, people who try, catch in two, to have the ball as much as possible. Individual solutions are very complicated.”

Mandanda in the defense of Rennes

“It’s sad to concede goals almost every game. The coach tries to find the most solid hinge. I talk a lot with my defenders. Of course I also have to adapt to help the people in front of me as well as possible. We have to be able to perform better without the ball. Everything.”

Mandanda in French Cup

“The draw could be more affordable, we’d prefer to fall later, but we have to do what it takes to qualify.”

Mandanda in Rennes and the surprise against Paris

“This is not our best period, we lost important players through injury or suspension. But right from the start we have been boasting about the quality of our squad, it is up to us to find the resources to play the full game against PSG. There’s no need to ask too many questions. (…) We weave bad things between injuries, suspensions, but that’s part of football and we have to accept it. We have to stand together to get the maximum number of points.

Mandanda confirmed his international retirement

“I announced it because I saw it this morning, it wasn’t my first idea to talk about it today. I’ve spoken to the coach about it. Now it’s out, yes I said it, the announcement was made today because you are well informed… Time doesn’t count at all.”

“Above all it’s a great pride, a great honour. The French team is the highest you can see, I touched the best with the world title, there was a lot of emotion. I represent my country, strong. It’s with a lot of emotion I’m talking about that, I am a very special person.”

Mandanda at FFF

“It’s never easy to see all that, regarding the president we are all aware that his words are inappropriate against a football legend like Zidane. The audit is ongoing, we’ll wait until the end to fully argue, but it’s never been a problem. good things.”

Mandanda on the succession in selection and Deschamps

“I read what Hugo (Lloris) said, I agree with the names he can name (for the future of the Blues). Maignan had a big start, then there were a lot of young players like Lafont, Areola, le petit Chevalier, Meslier … I’m not worried about the French team.”

“Deschamps extension? Of course it’s a good solution. He’s a coach who knows how to win, he’s proven it. He fully deserves to continue, I’m sure they’ll still win titles.”

Mandanda confirmed his international retirement

“I was honored to participate in the World Cup, I wasn’t called up too much anymore, then I found playing time at Rennes. There was also Maignan’s injury. That allowed me to have this last great competition. We did something great, but it’s good to know when to stop The fact of having found playing time here and doing well has helped me to be in the group for Mondial and have had this great experience.

Biggest moment? In Russia, in 2018, the numbers are huge. We have an amazing group. There are negative and positive moments. An unforgettable emotion, I will always be proud and grateful.”

Mandanda confirms his international retirement!

“I was surprised to see that this morning. Now it’s true that this is a decision that was taken at the end of the competition, I had great moments with the French team. Today is the time for me too, at 37 years old, there are young kids to come .”

“It allowed us to come full circle with Hugo Lloris. It is with great pride and emotion that I experience all of this. Today the French team stopped for me.”

“We spoke about it with Hugo, we came to the same decision. It happened logically for me, I’ve had many seasons, I’m also older. It’s time, it’s normal to stop.”

Genesio at Omari

“He’s been affected (by his suspension), he was the first unfortunate, but he’s still young, he’s had two big injuries, he needs it absolutely, there’s no question to overwhelm him.”

Genesio at Mbappé

“He is so unpredictable and extraordinary… It is up to us to do everything to cause them as much trouble as possible.”

Genesio on Galtier and Mbappé

“If Galette is fair game, she should be without two important players because we have two important players who will be out (laughs). Galette for me is the best French coach, I suit her very well. We have a similar profile, even if she has more experience than me. He was also an assistant, before becoming number 1. He is growing little by little. He is fulfilling goals and even better at each of his clubs.”

Genesio on the mid-season report

“It’s positive and important to say. In terms of points it was very good. Other teams did better but we had a very good run, we can’t blacken everything out, even if things don’t go well in Reims and Clermont. We are have the quality to achieve our goals. The problem is that we hear a lot about goals, about the European Cup… We have to fight that. show that there are higher expectations.”

Genesio about Xeka’s injury

“We are still waiting for different opinions to know if he needs intervention or not. Is the injury serious? Yes.”

Genesio on PSG: “We will play to win”

“We will not deny ourselves, but we must be aware, we will have the best team in the championship, the best coach and the best individuals. We have to defend well and play our game. We don’t have to play 0-0, that’s not the way I see football, we will play to win. I’d rather lose 1-0 trying to win than go for example to Park to play 0-0 without passing the midfielder. We will not deny ourselves, by being smart.”

Genesio of Desire Doue

“He has the opportunity to play in different positions, on the one hand, behind the strikers, in front of the defence… He has a lot of quality. But you have to give some benchmarks to young players, the best position is behind the strikers.”

Genesio did not digest Bourigeaud’s suspension

“He shouldn’t be suspended. But I like Mr Turpin a lot, he missed his game a bit but it happens, I don’t want to overwhelm him. First of all we have to see each other in ice cream. (…) Benjamin is a very good player important for the team, especially for tactical balance. He would rather celebrate his birthday by starting tomorrow. He has progressed, his mind is beyond reproach.”

Genesio in his offensive sector

“I thought a lot, there are possibilities, you will see on Sunday. We don’t have the same Lens characteristics. It’s not comparable. How to do it without Terriers and Bourigeaud? We can tell ourselves we didn’t. I was out of luck , but the solution is to work with different players, who also have strengths. We have to be collective on Sunday, that’s what made us strong last season. It was extraordinary.”

Genesio on PSG’s acceptance

“It’s great to welcome a great team here, it’s extra motivation.”

Genesio at the game against Clermont

“We’re always under the impression that the next day we’ve taken a full 33 tonnes of face, but our job is to find a solution to bounce back. I left the next day intent on fixing certain things.”

Genesio was “very upset” by his players’ performance against Clermont

Bruno Genesio had absolutely no respect for what he saw in the courtyard of the Gabriel-Montpied stadium. And he wants to tell it. While Stade Rennais lost, nine to eleven, in extra time Wednesday at Clermont to a goal from Johan Gastien in the 94th minute (2-1, day 18 of Ligue 1), the Breton coach was visibly irritated at the press conference.

“Obviously I’m very disappointed with the scenario of the match, dropping Genesio in front of journalists. With low blocks up front you have to be patient, tire out the opposition and at some point it opens up but when you concede that ludicrous first goal we put ourselves in extra trouble. We made it back but there were two exceptions and we didn’t even manage to have the aggressiveness score to defend this point which would be a lesser crime. the second goal was also questionable with pathetic defensiveness despite a miraculous save from Steve (Mandanda) and we watched as Gastien settled in calmly.”

Mandanda will announce the end of his international career

After Hugo Lloris, it wasn’t long before it was Steve Mandanda’s turn. The 2018 world champion in Russia, the 37-year-old goalkeeper must announce the end of his international career with the French team, according to information from RMC Sport which confirmed it from L’Équipe. His 35th and final game in charge of the Blues could well be against Tunisia during the group stage of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar (1-0 loss).

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Stade Rennais goalkeeper Steve Mandanda will attend the press conference this Saturday from 14:15. Will he confirm the end of his international career with the French team? Bruno Genesio will also answer journalists’ questions ahead of facing PSG.

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