LIVE – Manchester United-Manchester City: Cityzens rewarded, decisive coaching

Defining Akanji

The Swiss defender made his pace speak to get the ball back in front of Garnacho, launched down the left wide.

Notes on statistics

72% possession for Manchester City, who only had 4 shots including 1 on target. 5 shots including 2 on target for Manchester United.

inappropriate malacia

Down the left, Malacia took time to roll in a cross, which came to nothing. Ten Hag’s men remained aloft.

Garnacho comes into play

The young Argentinian player replaced Eriksen.

Manchester United lost the ball

Possession of the ball was still at the feet of the visitors who were pushing their opponents and closing in on a precious win.

Wan-Bissaka is fine

Taken under heavy pressure from Haaland and De Bruyne, Wan-Bissaka was parried but saw the ball return to De Gea.

Eriksen is too short

After a corner was saved by Haaland, the Danish midfielder was looked for on the right. He failed to avoid a goal kick.

The Red Devils continue to attack

Wan-Bissaka took a shot on the edge of the penalty area. This was deflected for a corner, a first game for the locals.

Eriksen called to order

First card of the game for Eriksen, a miserly foul on Grealish.

Manchester United is heard

Since the restart of play, the Red Devils, having lost the ball, have been suffocating and are no longer able to get out of their camp.

Second goal of the season for Grealish

For his part, De Bruyne just provided his 10th assist of the season in the Premier League.


Manchester City unblocked the situation thanks to his arrival! Moments after replacing Foden, Grealish burst into the open box for a decisive header from De Bruyne’s cross!

Manchester City passed the second

While Fernandes escaped from the penalty box with a tackle in front of Mahrez, Guardiola’s men no longer allowed the Red Devils to breathe. The game stays within their last 30 yards.

Foden gave way

Much to his dismay, he was replaced by Grealish for the final half hour of play.

Old Trafford votes

In front of the visitors’ favorable start, the crowd cheered for their team, in an increasingly lively derby.

Cityzens demanded a penalty

After an intervention by Casemiro in front of Foden, Manchester City asked for a whistle. The referee signaled to play, while Bernardo Silva’s header had missed in front of goal seconds earlier.

Varane failed Ederson!

Through a free kick that was grabbed by Eriksen from the right, Varane fired a half volley at the far post. Ederson relaxed when an offside position was flagged.

Ake sanctioned

The author of an authoritarian tackle on Antony, Aké admitted the mistake and offered the Red Devils a fine free-kick.

The visiting team keeps the ball

Like the first half, Cityzens spun the ball in the opponent’s camp, without managing to find a gap.

Manchester City run out of shots on target

At the break, Guardiola’s men spent 187 minutes without firing a single shot in all competitions.

Bernardo Silva took his chance

The Portugal international’s shot on goal on the surface was saved and caught by De Gea, who saved from a corner.

Self defense replaced

Confused ahead of the meeting, the French striker succumbed to Antony.

Beginning of the second period

The Skyblues started the second half.

First half at Old Trafford!

0-0 in a tough Manchester derby to take off! The Red Devils proved to be the most dangerous, especially through Rashford who looked injured just before half-time. Skyblues revival expected.

1 minute added time

Walker landed a powerful shot from distance, which went to the right of the goal. This is the best opportunity for visitors.

Manchester City made a pass at ten o’clock

Despite controlling the ball for a long time on the opposing side, Cityzens finally managed to return the ball, taking advantage of a failed pass from Mahrez.

Rashford is back

The Red Devils left winger returned to the grass field, a few minutes before the break. Meanwhile, Manchester City spun the ball.

Worries for Rashford

After the race and losing duel to Akanji, Rashford fell to the ground and appeared to be suffering from a left thigh injury.

The game is finally taking off

The derby got more and more rhythmic as time went on, after a very calm first half hour. The ball sailed from one camp to another.

Rashford tripped over Ederson!

Launched perfectly down the left at depth, Rashford pushed the ball too far and collided with Ederson, this time making a fine exit down the pitch.

Foden missed his head

De Bruyne crossed Foden’s head at the far post. De Gea calmly took the ball.

Rashford ahead of Ederson!

First big chance in this derby! Capitalizing on a dangerous exit from Ederson, Rashford was in a position to conclude on the left. Akanji pushed his kick in front of the goal.

The game continues

After a brief intervention by Manchester United staff, the referee signaled play. Malacia had to find her place.

Malaysia on land

Hit by Walker at the end of the counter, Malacia appeared to have been shot in the head. He stayed on the ground near the surface but missed a free kick.

Rashford blocked

Launched far down the right, Rashford was stopped by Cancelo, who cut short his race to protect the ball.

Mahrez replied

In a quick transition, De Bruyne looked for Mahrez on the right side of the box. His one-touch cross was countered and into touch.

Cityzens have their feet on the ball

70% possession of the ball to the Skyblues, who are struggling to present themselves offensively. Only one shot off target was reported by each side since the start of the match.

Haaland finally shows up

After receiving a cross at the far post, Haaland got into an attacking position in the box. Casemiro blocked his attempt for a tackle.

Foden is offside

Launched by Cancelo in the area, Foden was countered on the left. The flag keeps going up.

Corner for Manchester City

From the right, Mahrez fired a shot in front of goal. Casemiro temporarily stepped away from the head.

Foden and Haaland stepped down

The England striker touched just one ball since kick-off, against two for his Norwegian team-mate.

Ederson misses himself

The Brazilian goalkeeper sent a direct raise to the touch, which was guarded by the public. The uncharacteristic errors continued at the start of this nervous game.

Deep self-defense

Found by a long ball from Fernandes, Martial improved his vis-à-vis down the left before focusing in front of goal. Replied, Skyblues got on the air.

Visitors stopped

Manchester City maintained possession but failed to advance, in front of a well-placed block. Which did not please Guardiola on the bench.

Fernandes launched hostilities

Following a high recovery, Eriksen shifted Fernandes to the right of the penalty area. His cross shot on the ground missed Ederson’s frame.

Malacia shows on the left

Served successfully by Martial, Malacia thought of getting the first corner, but logically it was marked in an offside position.

Lots of waste

On one side or the other, the passage is not guaranteed as it approaches the final 30 meters. The first goal opportunity is still waiting.

The Red Devils appear

The first heat in the Manchester United area. Cancelo crossed from the right towards the far post, where danger was averted.

wrong pedestrian

At the end of the breakthrough on the right, Walker missed his transmission on the axle. Since the kick-off, the ball was quickly returned.

Both teams are afraid of each other

There are no situations of interest to report in the first minutes of play between the two teams who are not taking any risks at the moment.

Martial falls badly

In an aerial duel with Akandji, Martial recovers his fumble but appears to have injured himself. Everything quickly fell into place.

Let’s go between Manchester United and Manchester City!

M.Attwell kicks off this hot derby, great game for all!

Early game start

The two teams entered the Old Trafford grounds. Kick-off will be given in a few moments.

MU leads in the history of confrontation

Of the 51 duels in the Premier League, the Red Devils won 24 times, over 18 successful opponents and 9 draws. But Manchester City have won the last 3 derbies (2-0, 4-1, 6-3).

The new Red Devils striker

This Friday evening, Manchester United announced the signing of Wout Weghorst, on loan from Burnley until the end of the season. The Dutch centre-forward, who was off the scoresheet today, scored twice against Argentina a few weeks ago in the World Cup quarter-finals.

Contrasting week

While Manchester United eliminated Charlton (3-0) in the League Cup quarter-finals on Tuesday, the Cityzens were knocked out the following day by Southampton (0-2) with a revamped eleven.

The warm-up is underway at Old Trafford

Get started in less than 30 minutes!

Guardiola took the step

The Skyblues coach is preparing to take charge of his 500th league game, his 246th in the Premier League following his spells at Barça and Bayern Munich. With 76% wins, he has the best ratio among coaches with at least 100 cumulative matches in Europe’s top 5.

The Haaland Show is on its way

On 2 October, Erling Haaland scored a hat-trick in Manchester City’s spectacular derby win (6-3). Two months later, he has scored 21 goals in the Premier League.

Manchester United impressed at home

The Red Devils are unbeaten in their last 7 games at Old Trafford in the Premier League (6 wins, 1 draw), beating both Tottenham and Arsenal in the process. They have also just completed their fifth successive meeting without scoring in front of the home crowd.

Some important absences

Stones and Dias are still absent in Manchester City’s defensive midfield. In contrast, Ten Hag is missing Sancho, Tuanzebe, Dalot and van de Beek, who will not be playing again this season.

Cityzens composition, Mahrez-Haaland-Foden trio

Ederson – Walker, Akanji, Ake, Cancelo – Rodrigo, De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva – Mahrez, Haaland, Foden.

The Eleventh Red Devils, with Martial and Rashford

De Gea – Wan-Bissaka, Varane, Shaw, Malacia -Casemiro, Fred – Eriksen, Fernandes, Rashford – Martial.

Hi everybody

Derby Day at Old Trafford! Welcome to the live game dedicated to the Manchester United-Manchester City game, as part of Day 20 of the Premier League.

A promising match is up for debate this time around, as United are 4th with 35 points, while City are 2nd with 39 points.

Kick off at 1:30pm.

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