Lenovo, DELL, HP laptops under 200 €

You don’t know him yet? It’s time to change your habits and discover all the benefits of refurbished.

Kiatoo: computers and tablets at great prices, all year round

Refurbished remains the easiest way to responsibly order high-tech devices. Indeed, the repair of electronic objects is much more respectful of the environment.

This is not the only advantage. At Kiatoo, these used devices are 30% to 70% cheaper than their new equivalents. Revised at 50 control points, the computers and tablets featured in the catalog are as reliable as they were when they left the factory.

Kiatoo has made it a point to offer refurbished devices of very good quality. In addition, the company offers delivery for all orders over 300 €. Based in Mitry-Mory, all rebuild operations are carried out in France.

Kiatoo’s selection: 6 computers and tablets at low prices

Currently, there are many attractive offers that can be obtained at Kiatoo. Here are a few:

  • Lenovo ThinkPad T440 laptop PC for €199.00 instead of €259.00: equipped with an Intel Core-i5 processor and 8GB of RAM, this 14″ computer will be perfect for mobile office automation. The format makes it easy to transport and use on public transport. SSD Storage Its 120 GB can receive and accelerate your favorite programs.Operating under Windows 10, this device also has an Intel HD Graphics 4400 chip making it even more versatile.
  • Dell Latitude E5270 laptop computer for €249.00 instead of €299.00: students will appreciate this portable PC that measures just 12.5 “and is perfect for taking notes and surfing the Internet. Very easy to carry from one workplace to another, it includes all the essential components to work efficiently Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, Windows 10 system…
  • HP Compaq Elite 8300 desktop computer for €199.00 instead of €239.00: cut for the simplest of office automation, this computer has everything you need to start working right away. Perfect for computer novices, it even comes with a keyboard and mouse. Its 22″ display is responsible for providing great visual comfort. Its main unit includes an Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB RAM and Intel Graphics 2500 graphics chip. It also includes a 240 GB SSD.
  • Lenovo ThinkCentre M910Z all-in-one computer for €349.00 instead of €399.00: it reduces clutter to a minimum by centralizing all its components behind its screen. It takes up less space on your desk. This device has an Intel Core i3-7100 processor and 8GB of RAM. Its Intel HD Graphics 630 chip and 240 GB SSD can handle more sophisticated tasks. It selects a very pleasant 24″ screen every day.
  • HP Elite X2 touchscreen tablet costs €199.00 instead of €249.00: as a 12″ model, it’s intended for multimedia use. Its 4GB RAM memory and Intel processor effectively let you stream or watch movies in good conditions. it still works under Windows 10, thus permitting office use.It also includes 128 GB of ultra-fast SSD storage.
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet for €359.00 instead of €529.00: a touchscreen tablet known for its versatility. The Surface Pro 4 actually runs Windows 10 and comes with a keyboard, which makes it suitable for all kinds of uses. Relatively powerful, it includes an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and an Intel HD Graphics 520 chip. The 12.3″ screen makes it easier to move around.

You can personalize your purchases with Kiatoo. Find out about the options: for a few extra euros, your computer can receive a new hard drive, extended warranty, or a new operating system. But be warned: this updated offering is in limited stock. Don’t hang around.

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