Horoscope for Saturday 14 January 2023

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Mercury retrograde is always annoying, but often it’s a practicality: don’t get caught up in it, it usually fixes itself. Or one intervention is enough to unblock the situation. However, Mercury is in an important sector of your zodiac (especially the first decan), it is possible that this meeting will be staggered a few times.


Born in April, no, you don’t have much time, answer calls, letters, within a reasonable time if you don’t want to receive a registered letter in return. The “crime” may even have been committed and on the 24th, you risk accepting one of these famous recommendations. Otherwise, however, someone will lecture you and tell you what you don’t want to hear at all


You are sensitive to Mercury retrograde because it is your master. It occupies the financial sector and you may have to wait for a loan or refund. That won’t last long as Mercury will resume its direct march on the 19th (1st dean) and, a priori, the question will be resolved on the 24th. 2nd dean, plan a very fun weekend.


Mercury retrogrades in front of your first decan, don’t be surprised if certain objects are stubborn, if you catch a cold, or if a detail point bothers you. The planets will continue their direct march on the 19th, and will face your decan until the 24th. From this date, every problem has its own solution! But born around the 1st, 2nd of July, apparently despite all the protracted stories.


The 2nd dean is still sensitive, and perhaps even more sensitive, to the dissonance between Venus and Uranus. One or your partner seems to be pulling away, or you are resisting them. We have talked about this issue many times, of course you should adapt this interpretation to your personal situation… The good news is that in the spring, Uranus will let you go and you will regain your stability.


Born in early September, you will conclude, may be more professional than love. We still have to be patient, at least until January 19th. Granted, Mercury is retrograde and stationary (but in a good aspect), but its apparent immobility reveals that the answer or answers you’ve been hoping for are long overdue. It could also be a lack of news from someone close to you (between the 19th and 24th).


The moon spends the day with you and reports to Venus. Therefore, it seems likely that the 2nd decan will be very charming, seductive, or will be courted by someone. However, you can also have fun if you have the opportunity to attend an artistic event, if you go to see beautiful objects or a beautiful place. One way or another, beauty will really attract you.


First decan, you’ll be sensitive to Mercury retrograde until January 19. He asks you to take your time and think carefully about your decision until then. Indeed, this planet will remain in Capricorn and this sign symbolizes a long time, which allows for constructive reflection. It is important, in this reflection, to remain objective and only take real and verifiable parameters into account.


Moon and Venus in harmony, you will be sensitive to the moods of your loved ones and especially your friends. Their biases, their ideas, will influence yours. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing because, as a good sign of Fire, you defend your beliefs desperately and you don’t often listen to others, which can be instructive and enriching to your mind, however.


Mercury returns to your first decan. Born in December, he is still retrograde but this will change on the 19th and you can then work out paperwork or family issues. The planet of communication would be partly at odds with Jupiter, which explains the “official” nature of the matter – which it probably isn’t either. Maybe it is normal business.


The moon in Libra is leading this weekend, it will connect to Venus and this promises you tender moments, especially in the 2nd decan. Some will only feel good about themselves. Others will love and feel loved… With the Moon in Libra, there is always a sense of reciprocity as this sign symbolizes balance. 3rd Decan, Saturn is with you and invites you to be as real as possible.


Born in February Mercury will stay in Capricorn until the 19th, you may be waiting to hear from a friend, or for confirmation that a project is taking place. Be patient, it will be between the 19th and 24th. Then Mercury will see the 2nd decan. Born in February, try to be a little more communicative with this Mercury, especially those born around the 27th, even if what you say is a little provocative.

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