Lisa-Marie Presley: The terrifying story behind her very strange kiss with Michael Jackson on stage in 1994

The world of show business today is mourning Lisa-Marie Presley. The only daughter of the legendary Elvis Presley died on Thursday 12 January 2023 after a heart attack, just hours after her visit to the Golden Globes where she appeared disoriented and confused. The 54 year old artist, singer like his father, is survived by two teenage twins, as well as his first daughter Riley Keough, while his son Benjamin Keough ended his life in 2020. Very sad news for this already devastated family. by tragedy.

During her life, Lisa-Marie Presley had several significant relationships with men. One can especially think of Danny Keough, her first husband and father of her first two children, star actor Nicolas Cage or former guitarist Michael Lockwood, father of the twins in question. But one name was on everyone’s lips: Michael Jackson.

It must be admitted that on paper, the couple with the “King of Pop” and the daughter of the “King of Rock’n’Roll”, was straightforward. Only here, this union is tainted by stories. Because at the time of this relatively unexpected marriage, Michael Jackson was already at the heart of the Chandler affair: the artist was the target of accusations of pedophilia. Very quickly, the press and observers suspected the singer, who died in 2009 at the age of 50, wanted to distract the media from the horrific allegations documented in this captivating series. Leaving Neverland in 2019.

Weirdest kiss in TV history?

Lisa-Marie Presley and Michael Jackson met when the first was 7 years old. Since then, they have developed a friendship that some may find disturbing. A former interpreter employee Thrilling story say about it:Lisa-Marie has known Michael most of her life“. He claims that both “kept in touch after their first meeting.

As soon as allegations of pedophilia were mentioned in the media, Michael Jackson grew closer to the man who later became his friend. To the point of becoming emotionally dependent on him. It was then that the singer, during a phone call, asked Lisa-Marie Presley if she was ready to marry him if he asked her to. The young woman said yes. No need for more. After six years of marriage to Danny Keough, Elvis’ daughter left everything behind to marry the King of Pop.

In May 1994, the new couple flew to the Dominican Republic to get married, protected from paparazzi and media pressure, in less than a quarter of an hour. The wedding was kept secret until August, when the young woman announced to the press that it was now necessary to call her Lisa-Marie Presley-Jackson. “I really love Michael. I dedicated my life to be his wife. I understand and support it. We both can’t wait to start a family“, he said at that time.

On September 8, a few weeks after this formalization, the two alleged lovers met on the MTV Video Music Awards stage to launch the ceremony. They were greeted with thunderous applause from the audience. “Welcome to the MTV Video Music Awards“, exclaimed the singer, leaving the place empty.”I am very happy to be here. And I thought about how no one thought it would last“, he continues on about his alleged relationship with New white. And follows one of the strangest kisses in the history of television, if not the history of mankind. We let you make your own opinion, the video is in our slideshow.

The mystery continues

For months after this strange moment, the couple was suspected of not having sex, and they replied that they shared their desire to have children. In addition, in 1995, the clip was released You are not alone, where we can observe Michael Jackson and Lisa-Marie Presley’s accomplices and sexual intercourse, ostensibly in response to oppressive rumours. For the anecdote, this title isn’t actually talking about love but about miscarriage.

Michael Jackson and Lisa-Marie Presley never had children. They chose to divorce in early 1996, but remained friends. Years later, Lisa-Marie Presley explained to the magazine Rolling stone that he was involved in this relationship because he wanted to help Michael Jackson at the time of his first pedophilia accusations. “I thought he did nothing wrong and was wrongly accused, and yes, I’m starting to fall in love with him. I want to save him. I feel like I can do it“, he explained, relaunching the doubts surrounding the sincerity and honesty of their partner and their short marriage. The suspicion persists, legitimate, even today. Only the two main parties are concerned and only to know the truth about this story who has now died and brought with him the secret of this strange relationship forever.

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