Uniforms at school, proportional … How RN wants to frame his opponent in Parliament

The Marine Le Pen group defended its own legislative proposal in its parliamentary niche on Thursday. Some are very similar to those defended by LR, macronie or La France insoumise. What forced the deputies to balance.

Around the National Rally. After the parliamentary niche of La France insoumise in December, Marine Le Pen’s party presented its own bill on Thursday. The movement must once again send its opponents to the dilemma of rejecting a text they can agree with, or choosing to join hands with it and be accused of collusion.

On today’s menu in which the RN sets the agenda for the National Assembly, in other words the texts vetted by the deputies, in particular is one of the main proposals of the movement during the presidential election: incentives for companies. raise wages by 10%.

Proposals about uniforms to tempt certain LR and macronis

But Marine Le Pen wants to broaden her electoral base and seeks to show that her group wants to act on a basis that goes beyond its fundamentals, even if it means trapping the opposition.

Thus the right could be tempted to say yes to a bill to be debated this Thursday on uniforms in schools and colleges. During the televised debate for the presidency of LR, Éric Ciotti, Aurélien Pradié, and Bruno Retailleau, the trio positioned themselves in favor of one dress in schools.

Some in the presidential majority have also defended their harbor while 7 Macronist deputies had submitted a similar bill last November, later endorsed by Sonia Backès, Secretary of State for Citizenship. Brigitte Macron also announced it in the column Paris that he would appreciate implementing the measure.

EPZ ban, horse hobby rights

Another text could also generate interest beyond Marine Le Pen’s 88 elected officials: on the elimination of low emission zones. Launched to improve air quality, when pollution is considered to be the cause nearly 100,000 premature deaths in France every year, they aim to prevent the most polluting vehicles from circulating in certain areas, especially in city centers.

Ultimately, cars manufactured before 1997 and diesel engines before 2001 could be banned in 45 cities with over 150,000 residents by 2023. RN sees it as a symbol of “punitive ecology” just as LR has campaigned for years. government to step down.

Winks also launched on Modem with a bill to “revitalize political representation” to elect deputies proportionally. François Bayrou has defended this topic for years. The president himself said he was open during the 2022 campaign to “full proportions” in the National Assembly.

“kiss of death”

However, it is unlikely that these texts will be adopted by right-wing deputies and a fortiori by other camps.

“We could agree on things they say but vote for it, it’s not. It would be the kiss of death for us”, summed up an LR representative with BFMTV.com.

Due to a lack of time – at midnight, the debate stopped automatically – certain proposals were also not allowed to be debated, such as presumed police self-defense.

“We have deliberately placed it at the end of the parliamentary niche. We are already very synonymous with police defense. We don’t need to add more”, elaborated the RN deputy.

LFI is nervous about unvaccinated caregivers

The rebels were forced into a tightrope even before the debate on the hemicycle. The RN Group announced last December that it wanted to take over La France insoumise’s proposal to reintegrate unvaccinated Covid-19 caregivers.

While the Social Affairs Committee said just hours later the appointment of an RN whistleblower to defend it, Caroline Fiat, an LFI representative appointed to defend it, was in accordance with the rules. Indeed he was the one who brought his group’s texts on the hemicycle.

However, facing protests, especially at the bench of their communist partners, the rebels eventually backed down.

Renaissance and LFI “sectarian behavior” for Le Pen

The majority of presidents also broke out in cold sweat. Marine Le Pen intended to defend a bill on universal emergency assistance for victims of domestic violence. It will be tricky for the hemicycle to reject when it has been unanimously adopted by the Senate last October. The text was eventually adopted by the Renaissance.

“I see that the parties, and especially those on the left, have completely sectarian behavior,” the group’s leader warned Wednesday before the parliamentary journalists’ association.

While rejoicing that the RN niche allows for a good exhibition of the work of its deputies amid the deadlock between the left and the government over pension reform.

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