The best connected speakers in 2023: Listen to music wirelessly

Need high-tech equipment to enjoy music at home? Connected speakers are a serious alternative to marking your day. Powerful, wireless and equipped with voice assistant function, they show excellent performance.

Simple and intuitive, this device offers easier access to various online music services. If connected speakers used to be limited to a few references, there are many more brands on the market today. Each presents its specialty.

So choosing to choose the best connected speakers in 2023, different parameters have to be taken into account. In this element, we present the strong points of the most powerful connected speakers on the market.

Google Nest Audio smart speaker

Google Nest Audio

Designed by the American tech giant, the Google Nest Audio speaker is a smart speaker that can stream music at home.

Announced towards the end of September 2020, this stable has kept its promise of interest. Coming in a completely new design and impressive build, there’s nothing to envy Google Home.

Google Nest Audio’s corners are more rounded unlike the standard Google Home. Covered in honeycomb fabric, the speakers from the tech giant are slightly bigger and taller than their predecessors. From an aesthetic point of view, this is a successful bet for the brand. And that’s not all! Sound quality is significantly improved with Google Nest Audio.

This is made possible thanks to several new features that are combined, namely:

  • Presence a woofers and tweeters which allows 360 degree sound distribution in the room;
  • Presence of Tech IQ approx which allows you to better calibrate the sound so that it adapts perfectly to the room where the speakers are;
  • Presence of three remote microphones which captures ambient noise to modulate sounds coming out of the enclosure.

This feature lets you enjoy ten times the sound experience with Google Nest Audio speakers. In addition, it is compatible with various online music streaming services such as: Spotify, YouTube Music, and Google Play Music. Also, the brand’s voice assistant is a part of it with all its ultra-handy features every day.

Other than that, the Google Nest Audio speaker is a fairly successful product that offers enough power and roundness. It’s the equipment you need to keep from scratching your ears listening to your favorite titles.

Amazon Echo Dot 5 connected speakers

Amazon Echo Dot 5 speaker
Amazon Echo Dot 5 speakers

A connected speaker in 2023, the Amazon Echo Dot 5 is a smart speaker from the well-known Amazon brand.

Originally launched in 2020, this cute little speaker is updated in 2022 from 4e 5th generatione generation. Echo Dot 5 comes with many new features.

From a design point of view, the weight is more important than the 4e generation. This may be a sign that it’s embedding more technology. Despite the weight, the device is covered with fabric with Alexa light ring at the base and four control buttons above the same as the previous model.

The biggest change lies in the sound quality that the Echo Dot 5 will produce. Indeed, this speaker is embedded larger 1.6 inch speakers. The latter lets you double up on the bass to offer a more punchy sound. Sound reproduction is impeccable with the Amazon Echo Dot 5 speaker.

In terms of software functionality, this device connected to Alexa, Amazon’s smart assistant. Therefore you will have a wide range of functions offered by this wizard. In addition, embedded Echo Dot 5 temperature sensor and accelerometer. The latter allows interaction by simply tapping on the device. Thanks to its connectivity, it can interact with all connected devices in the house.

Apple HomePod Mini smart speaker

Apple HomePod Mini speakers
Apple HomePod Mini speakers

Arriving on the market towards the end of 2020, the HomePod Mini quickly won a lot of admirers.

Indeed, this new smart speaker from Apple is the brain of a mini household that has nothing to do with the “mini” suffix.

Aesthetically, the HomePod Mini is a real hit. It is found in acoustic fabric beautifully cared for.

Despite its mini size and shape, this speaker has a sleek design. From a sound quality point of view, Apple has done everything. HomePod Mini offers a very rich acoustic experience. As a result, it integrates the S5 chip which allows you to produce surround sound in the room where the speakers are located.

Thank you for sophisticated software system integrated, the device analyzes the unique footprint of each piece of music enabling precise calibration for perfect listening. All this allows it to offer undeniable acoustic performance. Whether it’s listening to music, podcasts, radio… this is the speaker for you. It also carries voice assistant from Apple”Siri“.

The latter utilizes streaming services on Deezer, Amazon Music, Pandora, Tuneln and Of course Apple Music. Similarly, the HomePod Mini is capable of executing commands from any connected HomeKit-enabled device.

Sonos One speaker

If you don’t want to find yourself in a particular ecosystem, Sonos is the choice to make. This connected speaker has a cross-platform voice control and access all streaming services. Sonos one shows compatibility with Siri, Alexa, and even Google Assistant.

From an aesthetic standpoint, the device draws well thanks to its small size. The look is as smooth as the price. Hers impressive charm making it a tool that fits into any interior. On the sound front, the rendering is clean for such a machine. We found a good power reserve and a automatic calibration efficient.

This is possible thanks to the two speakers which allows it to reproduce deep bass and clear treble. Thanks to the power of sound, Sonos can broadcast music, podcasts, and even audiobooks throughout the room. Plus, it can interact with other Sonos speakers.

Speaker Marshall Uxbridge

This is a connected speaker developed by Marshall company, a famous brand for its guitar amplifiers and speakers. Features of this speaker unique design like a brand amplifier. Very elegant, can fit into any interior. Despite its unparalleled charm, Le Marshall Uxbridge presents:

  • Excellent sound quality thanks to two loudspeakers. This makes it possible to produce high quality sound.
  • A compatibility with streaming services. It’s easy to play music or podcasts Spotify, Tidal, Deezer… through this cage.
  • A user friendly interface thanks to the screen that makes it easy to control.

Plus, the speaker is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri voice assistants. So you can control your music and many other home needs with Marshall Uxbridge speakers.

Google Nest Mini speakers

The Google Nest Mini smart speaker is another speaker from Google that has earned its place in this ranking of the most successful brands. Designed to be easy to use, these speakers fit into any interior thanks to their small size. It is available in several colors to suit everyone’s aesthetic preferences.

Google Nest Mini features touch control and very easy to find thanks LEDs placed on the cloth. It has a built-in speaker that can play music, podcasts and more. Sound quality is good for a speaker of this size.

On the connectivity side, Google’s voice assistant is embedded. Which allows you to have easy access to online music services. Also, thanks to voice recognitionYou can control most of the connected devices in your home from the speaker.

Plus, it’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for a connected earbuds that includes all the basic functions.

Amazon Echo Studio Speaker

Echo Studio is full power version Amazon’s connected speakers. It is a high-end device that offers the most extraordinary acoustic experience. This speaker impresses with:

  • Its elegant design: this set easily blends into any décor.
  • Superb audio quality: delivers sound through 5 speakers which reproduces clear, rich sound. Echo Studio free 3D sound which mimics the effect of a real concert. It’s even compatible with Dolby Atmos technology.
  • Voice assistant: thanks to Alexa you can enjoy streaming services.
  • Its multi-room service: connect to all Alexa-compatible speakers for an immersive music experience.

In addition, Echo studio can be used to control other connected devices such as lights, thermostats, surveillance cameras and more. This is the model you need if you dream of having big connected speakers in your home.

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