Team France – EdF: Daniel Riolo and his horrific allegations against Didier Deschamps

There was fire in the FFF, but behind the Noël Le Graët controversy, Didier Deschamps managed to extend his contract at the head of the Blues. Victory at all costs earned under the nose of Zinedine Zidane. And the recent rejection of “DD” hasn’t weighed heavily on Daniel Riolo.

In the current slump of the French Football Federation, Noël Le Graët has been sidelined pending learning more about the investigations being carried out into his behavior and the management of his case. On the other hand, despite some questions and a very unpleasant way of doing things, Didier Deschamps was extended until the 2026 World Cup and nothing can change this tacitly made decision. It’s generally logical from a sporting point of view, as a French team has never experienced such regularity in results at the highest level in its history, with three major competition finals from its last four matches.

Benzema, Deschamps’ only weakness

In terms of play, there is criticism to be leveled at Didier Deschamps, and in particular the fact that the Blues defended a lot and suffered in big games despite having a golden generation and some of the best players in the world. In terms of group management, if everything is generally positive, the case of Karim Benzema, from his return to his departure ahead of the start of the World Cup, has raised big questions. This has now been swept away by the Real Madrid striker’s announcement of his international retirement.

But at the moment, if Didier Deschamps is chosen, it is because of his heavy involvement with Noël Le Graët, which he has not let go despite the FFF president having kicked out Zinedine Zidane, which has sparked real protests. “ His comments were, as he has acknowledged and acknowledged, inappropriate. I think it’s a very good thing that he apologized to Zizou. The sporting situation has led to a sporting rivalry between the two of us, even for some of the opposition. “, Didier Deschamps explained to the press. Sports competition and nothing more? This is absolutely not the opinion of Daniel Riolo, who dreams of a big sweep at 3F and brings a national coach on board.

Riolo accused Deschamps of wanting to overtake Zidane

For After Foot’s “Big Mouth,” Didier Deschamps’ denial, in which he made sure he had the utmost respect for his former team-mate, doesn’t hold the water for a second. Daniel Riolo went further, suggesting that the Blues coach is ready to stay in office, only to prevent Zidane from taking his place. “ He stuck, he splashed because from the start, he was hand in hand with Noël Le Graët. I still remember a very vivid interview in which Didier Deschamps said that everything that was said about Noël Le Graët was gossip, that there would never be anything, that the audit would be empty. He backed it, sorry, but the results and the fact that he shone with the French team, at some point couldn’t cover him anymore. Today, even without wanting to speak, he admits there is a rivalry with Zidane. I support the theory that he will stay at all costs if only to get in Zidane’s way. He will suffer a lot to see Zidane replace him. It’s an ego thing, we know full well that they weren’t friends contrary to what legend would have you believe “, conveyed to you the polemic of the C antenna. A frontal attack that corroborates much of the information from recent weeks, that the respective agents Didier Deschamps and Zinedine Zidane are also at war.

Another rock in the FFF garden, where internal struggles have done a lot of damage. The proof is with the announcement of Didier Deschamps’ contract extension which surprised even the members of the executive committee, distancing themselves from the discussion even from the decision, until the last moment. Not to mention the fight won by Jean-Pierre Bernès, Didier Deschamps’ agent, who managed to convince Le Graët to give his filly a four-year contract, going against two original plans. And the current FFF president’s departure doesn’t change the situation for “DD” who will be Blues boss for the next few years.

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