Sales: the best deals on internal, external and PS4 hard drives, tons of storage at crazy prices!

Hard drives, also called HDDs, belong to another era, but are far from obsolete. Aware of their shortcomings, they excel in value for money. Whether for PC, PS4, or as portable storage, treat yourself to these great deals during the winter 2023 sale.

Hello everyone, and after wishing you a happy new year and good health, it’s time to wish you good sales. This time around, and it’s pretty amazing, the hard drive is in the spotlight. While they’ve fallen out of favor a bit for their lag compared to SSDs, they decimate the latter in terms of price. If you are looking for very minimal storage, this is the item for you.

HDD or hard disk is a file storage system including, among other things, a physical disk to hold photos, videos, files, etc. So, in order to download files to it or to extract them, the disk must spin so that the HDD searches and finds a suitable element. So it takes time, makes a little noise, but also takes up more space than SSD, all electronics options and newer.

Warning : if you want to quickly build the PC you want or for playing video games, we highly recommend against using an HDD. Even if the price is very attractive, your PC will take a long time to turn on, just like any program or game, it must go through this hard drive to perform this action.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for internal or external storage for the sole purpose of storing lots of heavy files on the cheap, or expanding your PS4’s storage, all without the need for fast transfers, then go ahead. read on, you will enjoy the rest.

So here are the best hard drive deals so far, sorted by amount of storage.


  • PS4: Hard Drive Marvel Avengers Thor 2TB
  • 2TB Seagate External Hard Drive (PC, Mac, etc.)
  • 4TB Seagate Internal HDD
  • Western Digital Elements 5TB Portable External Hard Drive
  • Western Digital My Book 8TB Desktop External Hard Drive
  • Western Digital BarraCuda 8TB internal hard drive
  • Western Digital Desktop Drive 14TB

PS4: Hard Drive Marvel Avengers Thor 2TB

This hard drive is specially designed for PS4. Sony consoles are a few years old, so there’s no need to spend a fortune on fast storage that isn’t compatible with them. That’s why a simple hard drive is more than enough, and with Game Drive technology, optimizing Sony for PS4 is a breeze and your games load as fast as the console’s internal storage.

The case is quite small (12 cm) and is entirely designed by Marvel. This model is dedicated to Thor, the god of thunder is on the cover and the PlayStation logo ensures official compatibility.

How to forget the amount of existing storage. 2 TB, or 2000 GB, is huge, knowing that PS4 games weigh a lot less than PS5 games. Expect to put about 50 games on there.

Buy the Marvel Avenger Thor 2 TB PS4 Game Drive for €69.99 on Fnac

2TB Seagate External Hard Drive (PC, Mac, etc.)

Sales: the best deals on internal, external and PS4 hard drives, tons of storage at crazy prices!

I present to you a portable hard drive from Seagate with no less than 2 TB of storage on board. The beauty of this kind of product is that you can take it anywhere and connect it to the device you want to exchange files with. We warn you right away, it’s an HDD, so it’s not fast, but it should do the trick of getting photos in and out from time to time.

The advantage is of course the price. Much less than 100 € for 2000 GB, that is completely unthinkable for an SSD, the fastest storage medium. This model works with a USB 3.0 port.

No computer compatibility issues. Whether you have a Mac or Windows, you can store your precious files permanently without worry, especially if you don’t trust cloud storage.

Buy the 2TB Seagate Portable for $75.99 on Amazon

4TB Seagate Internal HDD

Sales: the best deals on internal, external and PS4 hard drives, tons of storage at crazy prices!

This is an internal hard drive that comes with 4 TB of storage. If there’s one important thing to check when buying a HDD, it’s whether it’s internal or external. Here, this IronWolf NAS model from Seagate is built to be placed in the PC you build, and not to be carried around.

Despite its fine style, this HDD is built to sleep in your PC and to add slow but hefty storage to it: 4 TB is more than enough for most uses, unless you have a lot of heavy video files.

With a speed of 5400 rpm, we recommend you to use it to support the SSD and not as your computer’s primary storage medium.

Buy the Ironwolf 4 TB NAS internal hard drive for €89.99 at Cdiscount

Western Digital Elements 5TB Portable External Hard Drive

Sales: the best deals on internal, external and PS4 hard drives, tons of storage at crazy prices!

We started with external hard drives, but we’re moving on to Western Digital. It’s a reference brand in the field, so you won’t have any problems with quality and optimization.

Portable hard drives are built to be carried around. We must not forget that there is a physical disk inside and still it is more fragile than SSD. With a USB 3.0 port, transfers are quite slow as with all HDDs, but the upside is the amount of storage: 5 TB, good luck filling it up completely.

The all-black design is versatile, measuring 11 centimeters and fits easily in a pocket. An economical solution for carrying lots of files, photos and videos with you.

Purchase the WD Elements 5TB external portable hard drive for €119.39 on Amazon

Western Digital My Book 8TB Desktop External Hard Drive

Sales: the best deals on internal, external and PS4 hard drives, tons of storage at crazy prices!

Desktop hard drives are external HDDs but are not intended for transport. They are stationary, larger, but can accommodate more storage than their portable counterparts.

This model from Western Digital is dressed in all black and measures over 17cm high, 13.9cm long and 4.9cm wide. By remaining transportable, it remains hidden on the table, but also out of sight. My Book is compatible with both Mac and PC, and includes password protection.

8 TB of storage, how can I tell you, this is the maximum that Apple offers for its fixed computers and makes them pay €2760. The storage types are of course very different, but it’s still amazing to see the price difference.

Purchase the Western Digital 8TB External Desktop Hard Drive for $129.99 on Amazon

Western Digital BarraCuda 8TB internal hard drive

Sales: the best deals on internal, external and PS4 hard drives, tons of storage at crazy prices!

This is probably the internal hard drive with the largest amount of storage. The 8 TB or 8000 GB you can fit into your PC is impressive. As a reminder, this is very slow storage but it is primarily used to expand the available space on your machine to store files whose transfer speed is not important to you. It shouldn’t be used as primary storage which handles turning on your PC and launching games for example.

The 3.5-inch disc spins at 5400 rpm, a great classic from Seagate, which is technically usable externally but is not designed for this. You can’t imagine the number of photos, videos and files you can store on such a large HDD.

Purchase the BarraCuda 8 TB internal drive for €149.99 on Amazon

Western Digital Desktop Drive 14TB

Sales: the best deals on internal, external and PS4 hard drives, tons of storage at crazy prices!

This is the biggest hard disk I have ever seen in my life. Western Digital pulled out all the stops with this desktop storage station, called Elements. Measuring 16.5 cm high, 13.5 cm long and 4.8 cm wide, this case looks like a PC tower in a mini version.

The challenge for you is mainly to fill this HDD. This is for you if you really intend to put a very large number of files there, without the need for high transfer speeds. If you can get 14TB for that price, it’s good that the speed isn’t there.

With a USB 3.0 port on the back, just plug it into your computer and it works like a thumb drive.

Purchase the Western Digital 14TB Desktop Drive for $219.99 on Amazon

Find all offers from winter sale 2023.

Winter sale 2023: instructions

What are the winter sale dates for 2023?

The 2023 winter sale takes place from Wednesday January 11th starting at 8am and ends Tuesday February 7th at 11:59pm. Therefore, the winter sale will allow you to take advantage of various discounts, promotions, rebates and price cuts for 4 weeks.

Until how many discounts can we get during the winter sale of 2023?

Winter sales can offer discounts of up to -70% on select products and equipment! On average, there are promotions ranging from 20 to 40%. Now is the perfect time to save money! Plus, if you have discount coupons, check out the gift cards earned at Christmas, there are ways to make big price reductions on your favorite products during this 2023 winter sale.

Which stores are participating in the winter 2023 sale?

The most famous brands participate. So, we found out Amazons, cdiscount, Fnac, Darty, Baker, Mikromania-Zing, E. Leclerc, Red by SFR, shopping street, SFR, Sound-Video, Zavvi

Therefore, you have the advantage of choice and can take advantage of the many promotions and discounts at all of these merchants for this 2023 winter sale.

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