Nearly nine million people are still without electricity in Ukraine

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Nearly nine million Ukrainians are still without power after Russia attacked energy infrastructure, President Volodymyr Zelensky said late Monday. Earlier in the day, Ukraine formally called for Russia’s exclusion from the UN Security Council, more than ten months after the start of the offensive. Here’s the thread for December 26th.

  • 11:41 p.m.: “Either Ukraine complies with Russia’s conditions, or the military will decide,” Lavrov said

Moscow’s proposals to “demilitarize” and “denazify” Ukraine are known in Kyiv and it is up to the Ukrainian authorities to respond, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. “(Our conditions) are simple: comply or the Russian military will decide this matter.”

  • 9:45 p.m.: nearly 9 million people are still without power in Ukraine, according to Zelensky

Nearly 9 million people are still without power in Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky announced late Monday.

  • 8:40 p.m.: Zelensky described the situation as “difficult and painful” on the Donbass front

The Ukrainian president also described the situation on the Donbass front, in eastern Ukraine, as “difficult and painful”. “Bakhmut, Kreminna and other parts of Donbass need the greatest strength and concentration,” he urged in his daily address.

  • 8:20 p.m.: silence by Ukrainian authorities following Moscow’s accusations of drone attacks on air bases on Russian territory

  • 8:15 p.m.: Moscow carried out more than 4,500 cyber attacks against Ukraine in 2022, kyiv alleges

Ukraine’s cybersecurity services have neutralized more than 4,500 Russian cyberattacks against their country since the start of this year, an official said Monday.

“The aggressor state launches an average of more than ten cyberattacks every day. Fortunately, the Ukrainian public does not even know about most of them,” assured in an interview with the TV channel “My-Ukraine”, Ilya Vitiuk, head of the cyber security department at Security Service of Ukraine (SSU).

  • 17:05: “Ukraine poses a threat” to the border area with Russia

After a drone attack that killed three people in Russia, at an airbase 600 kilometers from the border with Ukraine, Kyiv – which has not claimed responsibility for the attack – voluntarily cast doubt on its responsibility, according to Michel Olhagaray, former commander of the Naval School, who highlighting Ukrainian tactics.


  • 14:38: Ukraine formally requests Russia’s exemption from the UN

Ukraine has officially called for Russia’s exclusion from the UN, more than ten months after the start of the invasion by Russian troops, a request with little chance of success, Moscow has a veto in the UN Security Council.

“Ukraine calls on the UN member states (…) to deprive the Russian Federation of its status as a permanent member of the UN Security Council and exclude it from the United Nations as a whole,” the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

  • 12:35pm: FSB says it has eliminated a Ukrainian “sabotage group” that was “attempting” to enter Russia

“As a result of the armed clashes on December 25, four saboteurs were eliminated during an attempt to penetrate the territory of the Bryansk region from Ukraine,” the FSB said, quoted by Russian news agencies.

According to the FSB, the group accused of wanting to “commit terrorist acts and sabotage” was equipped with German-made SIG Sauer light machine guns, communications equipment and “four improvised explosive devices”.

  • 6:33 a.m.: Three killed after Ukrainian drone strike on Russian air base

Russian air defenses shot down the Ukrainian drone as it approached an airbase in southern Russia, with debris from the plane killing three people on the ground, Russian news agencies reported on Monday. This is the second attack in a month against this base which is located more than 600 km from Ukraine.

“On December 26, at approximately 01:35 Moscow time (22:35 GMT), a Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicle was shot down at low altitude while approaching the Engels military airfield in the Saratov region,” the TASS news agency reported, citing the Defense Ministry. “Following the downing of the wreckage of the drone, three Russian technicians who were at the airfield were seriously injured.”

  • 6:26 am: Ukraine will ask to exclude Russia from the UN Security Council

Ukraine plans to call for the exclusion of Russia as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said on Sunday.

“Tomorrow (Monday) we will officially state our position. We have a very simple question: does Russia have the right to remain a permanent member of the UN Security Council and be in the UN?” he said, speaking late on Christmas Eve during a national TV marathon. “We have a convincing and well-founded answer: no, he doesn’t.”

Dmytro Kuleba pointed out that the issue of Russia’s permanent seat on the UN Security Council – also held by the United States, Britain, France and China – is already being discussed in diplomatic circles.

  • 12:13: Russia says it is ready to resume gas deliveries to Europe via Yamal

Russia is ready to resume gas deliveries to Europe via the Yamal gas pipeline, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak was quoted by the official TASS news agency on Sunday as saying European markets remain “relevant”.

“While the gas shortage continues, we have full opportunity to resume deliveries,” he said, adding that the Yamal gas pipeline, “terminated for political reasons”, remains unused.

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