“I’m an idiot”… Crisp little phrase from Comex that kicked Le Graët out

Among four eyes, or rather 28, the fourteen Comex members who gathered on Wednesday to decide the fate of Noël Le Graët and the future of the French Football Federation, in the President’s office, on the third floor of 87 boulevard de Grenelle. And without going into further detail about settling the score at the OK Corral, the first leaks suggest that, as the saying goes in football, we said something to each other. Even before entering the arena, LFP president and ex-officio Comex member, Vincent Labrune, had warned that “the status quo is not an option”.

“It was intense, but there’s no disagreement, basically we’re all good. It was a heartfelt discussion, like during a family council, so bringing in Éric Borghini on BFM after this incredible performance. There is great tonal freedom. “The president must be funny”, said one of the same fourteen guests from our compatriots Team This Thursday, showed that it had been a long time since Breton had been rocked like this, a bit like a student churning amidst an angry teacher during class council.

“Your balance sheet is not the subject, Christmas! »

First to speak, according to Eric Borghini, president of the Mediterranean League, clearly the most talkative band in the media these past two days, Noël Le Graët emphasized all that was reproached to him. “We started by listening to our chairman, who started Comex by telling us ‘I haven’t done anything, I swear in your head that I haven’t done anything and the audit report will be very positive to me, there will be nothing. to me. “

We hope Comex members have a firm neck because, according to the first rumors from the corridor, the audit conclusions will not flatter the Fed boss, his penchant for teasing federal employees is evidenced by numerous testimonies. “Nothing about me in the report”, he will repeat once more – without convincing many according to RMC – before highlighting his sporting and financial results. To which one attendee replied “your balance sheet isn’t the point, Christmas! “.

“He later apologized to us for the comments made about Zinedine Zidane, comments he had not thought about, he is aware of what he represents for French and world football, continued Borgjhini. In other words, according to info from L‘Team this time it sounded more like in the mouth of the former mayor of Guingamp: “I’m stupid”.

Le Graët drags Hardouin with him

But, as he already hinted at in his apology statement published Monday afternoon, the NLG stuck to a shaky line of defense to say the least, namely a will (under the influence of distraction “in the face of questions that Zidane wanted to oppose to Deschamps) to “protect coach”. With friends like that, no need for enemies, Didier Deschamps must have told himself, starting the mess despite himself after a four-year extension as coach tied by the NLG without even letting Comex know.

If the thirteen members of the executive committee finally unanimously approve the DD contract, presumably not to add napalm to the fire, Jean-Michel Aulas is still surprised by the duration of the contract signed by Dèche, while opposing Le Graët’s resignation , as requested – very alone -Eric Borghini. This invitation to retire was frowned upon by Costarmorican, who then launched his friend with the incredible “shut up, Borghini,” hard to qualify for.

Le Graët will then agree to step down pending the conclusion of an audit launched by the Ministry of Sport and expected at the end of the month. “I don’t want to be the only one (to leave),” he said Team. As a political animal that may still be a child, in the end, the former EAG president would still manage to get his nemesis, general manager Florence Hardouin, dismissed as a precaution , which was on the pipeline even before Le Graët’s delusions about Zidane. For a fighter like the NLG, there are no small wins.

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