Gilberte Bouchereau or the art of representing him is invisible!

Since the dawn of the new millennium, painter Gilberte Bouchereau has never missed an opportunity to express his talent. He uses art as an instrument of affirmation and struggle, creation and negotiation to defend his dream place in human existence. Artwork that emerges from its key expresses a vision of the world, free from all aesthetic and academic constraints.

“Becoming”, Michelle Obama’s bestseller, brings reflections on the invisible, according to which: “All people on earth, our parents said, carry stories of the invisible, and deserve consideration with minimal tolerance.

Terms such as earth, parents, story are present in the illustrated adventures of artist Gilberte Bouchereau, a tireless and passionate visual artist who has been in the business for more than two decades.

“Tell people there are a billion stars in the galaxy and they will believe you. Tell them there is fresh paint on the chair and they have to touch it to convince themselves. “Salvador Dali told us a few years ago. This assertion invites us to examine the representation of the sky in Gilberte’s works. Who doesn’t remember his paintings that are so reminiscent of the new Saint-Soleil school? So many stars appear around the characters when their bodies don’t blend into the textures of Soisson’s creators.

In the commune of Pétion-Ville, where the artist has spent most of his life, he is intimately familiar with most of the art galleries and craft shops which have regularly hosted exhibitions in the past. What a wonderful time we have observed from far away since. However, that did not prevent the artist from continuing to seek inspiration from the aesthetic and artistic seeds that can be found on these street corners.

Women, girls, characters belonging to the invisible world, as well as those familiar to its inhabitants, circulating in the extraterrestrial universe, meet in collections that the artist regularly exhibits.

In the workshop of the latter, it is necessary to enter into dialogue with imaginary characters, most of them are greatly distorted in their representations and various forms of expression that justify their demarcation from the real world.

From fertility to femininity, Gilberte Bouchereau attached great importance to the female body and their genetic, reproductive, emotional, symbolic and even mystical qualities. Without trying to follow in the footsteps of aesthetic currents that glorify beauty and exoticism, he is an artist who primarily wants to liberate his emotions, free himself from the often aloof expressions that few can understand.

In the artist’s career, we note his last participation in an event held in the city of Orlando in the United States, “Annual Haitian Creole”. The initiative is led by Haitian American Art Network, Inc., led by Nattacha Wyllie.

In the paintings of painter Gilberte Bouchereau, the subject explores the dimensions and expressions of surrealism, all without breaking away from the techniques of restoration art.

Useful and aesthetic objects find a place in the workshops of women who devote themselves with a passion for craftsmanship. When it is not the bottle that bears fruit everywhere, it is part of the craftsmanship that also completes the legacy and underscores the creativity of this brave and determined woman to fulfill her mission as a spokesperson for the invisible world which many painters and visual artists continue to carry on. represented in their works.

In the publications available on social networks, the artist Gilberte Bouchereau gives us his opinion in the following terms: “Art is my passion, it chose me”.

Over four days, the artist will exhibit his work in the days following March 28, 2013, at the Pétion-Ville high school. This initiative, carried out by Wanga Nègès Production, will offer great opportunities for artists to find new audiences during this exhibition.

In arts and crafts, Gilberte Bouchereau’s passion is nourished by fragments of dreams, deep reflections, revelations and encounters with the invisible world. If craftsmanship allows us to discover decorative objects, utilitarian products and other representative works, then Gilberte Bouchereau’s paintings offer a window into a new world.

Dominique Domercant

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