Cahors: auditorium and music school, new year full of great projects

This year again, the Grand Cahors auditorium and conservatory have big projects in store. Concerts, jam sessions, theater… Inside and outside the walls. Always in the desire to share. Met the new director, Doris Captal.

“In learning, I advocate practicing. We learn by playing. And we learn to share the art,” says Dorias Captal, director of the auditorium and Grand Cahors Conservatory.

This year, 585 students returned to the halls of the music school. Slightly increased compared to last year. Since January, several last minute registrations have become known. And the door is always open: the string orchestra, the Divona choir and the jazz workshop are recruiting. Notice for music lovers.

“Meet, share and experiment”

The director, who just arrived last May, has many goals for his school. “I want to have influence throughout the region, and not just in Cahors”, explains Doris Captal. Hence the birth of many projects and concerts outside the walls. As part of this year in Denmark, students from Cahors and Cieurac worked on a play: “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, based on Andersen’s story. They will present two shows: one in Cahors and one in Cieurac. At all times, conservatory students would be present to give rhythm to the piece. “Meet, share and experiment”, is Doris Captal’s motto.

Doris Captal is the new director of the Cahors conservatory and auditorium.
DDM Aouregan Texier

And keeping this in mind, the jam sessions were held in partnership with Les Docks. Every Wednesday before a short holiday, everyone is invited to come and share moments of kindness and warmth around music. “Playing with people you don’t know is putting yourself at risk. Very safely! This is an exercise that allows you to gain self-confidence”, explains the director. Another value honored by the conservatory. “Students will never remember all of their lessons, but moments like this, huh,” smiled Doris. On Thursday 30 March a jam session will be held in the auditorium to capitalize on the arrival of the many musicians at Lot. The goal: for professionals and amateurs to play together, and to give or take advice. The next day, at 20.30, Valérie Graschaire will come to defend her jazz album “Wrap it up!”.

Moreover, a small point on auditorium programming. On January 20, Laurent Bardianne and the Freshwater Tiger with “Hyme au soleil”, an essential keyboardist with afro beats. On March 10, Adam Laloum is offering a solo piano recital. Finally, as part of the Danish year, a Danish singer will be performing at the concert on April 14th. This is Sinne Eeg, described as the “heir to the great jazz diva”. But also the performance of David Grimal, a violinist, on May 12.

Students and teachers are working

Students should get their hands dirty this year. Many performances await them. Starting with a traditional New Year’s concert on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 January with Harmonie du Grand Cahors. They will also participate in The Night of Fear: an equalizer choir (women only) will sing in the museum while the actors will go to the media library (old collection). Conservatories want to go “to those who can’t come”, and go to EHPAD or even to nurseries.

Teachers will also vote! “We want to show that they are artists first and foremost,” said Doris. They will be taking the stage through the concert on Tuesday. On March 14th, place in the Jazz Quintet “Latino Boarding”. On April 18, there was the play “Le Silence de Nuit”. An autobiographical story that speaks to social functioning and disability in our society. The teachers will also be holding a free concert on February 14. At the conservatory, they turned 27 to convey their passion.

And this year will end in style: in November, it will be the 50th anniversary of the conservatory. Doris Captal has some surprises in mind that will dazzle the eyes of adults and toddlers alike.

Doris Captal, the scintillating new director

Doris Captal took over the management of the conservatory in May 2022. A native of Périgueux, she started music at the age of 5 with private accordion lessons. She also did ballet for ten years. After studying in Paris, she decided to take the leap and enrolled in a conservatory. He started as an accordion teacher and worked his way up the ranks. From deputy director, he eventually became director. After several experiences in different places (Fleury-Mérogis or Maison-Alfort). Finally, he decided to come to Lot. “It was a professional dream to work in a rural setting, it echoes my childhood”, explains Doris. His arrival breathed new life into the conservatory, which was already gushing.

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