‘Absolutely horrible and embarrassing’: LoL Season 13 intro had fans screaming

Games News ‘Absolutely horrible and embarrassing’: LoL Season 13 intro had fans screaming

The new season of League of Legends has finally arrived, and with it the traditional introductory video to announce it to all Riot Games MOBA players. Unfortunately for the developers, the latter doesn’t seem to convince them…


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wet firecracker

If you like League of Legends, the famous MOBA from Riot Games released over ten years ago, you can’t miss the scoop: the 2023 season is finally playable. For most beginners, this means that the counter has (more or less) been reset to zero, and it is time for the player to start a long gaming session in ranked play to determine their original rating. . Whether you start out as Bronze, Silver, Gold or even if you’re already a Diamond or Master, you have all year to prove to the world that you’re better than that by moving your game up the rankings little by little.

As you can no doubt understand, the launch of the season is an important moment for League of Legends players, and the developers have understood this very well. Like every year, Riot Games took advantage of this kick-off to reveal their famous introductory video. Unfortunately, after the sublime videos of the last few years, this year it struggled to convince fans.

baptized The Abyss of Eternity (and available above), the 2023 video is filled with sequential shots showing Summoner’s Rift completely blank, all commented with text that’s a little too flat. And even if the latter is spoken by Mia Sinclair Jenness (VO of Powder, aka Jinx, in the Arcane series) and sublimated by the music of 2WEI (who has worked on other League of Legends videos), it clearly pales in comparison to productions like The Call, the 2022 video we leave you with below.

Riot meets riot

If fans didn’t have long to wait to air their deep disappointment on Twitter, on Reddit, and of course in the comments section of the video in question on YouTube, Riot Games recently decided to talk it out. Indeed via the official League of Legends Twitter account the developers wrote an entire thread (=thread in French, including multiple Tweets in a row) trying to apologize to the fans.

Message from Riot regarding the 2023 Season:

We’ve launched a cutscene at the start of every season every year since 2018, and make no mistake: everyone in League of Legends knows how much you love them. And we love them too!

This year, we experienced some unique circumstances that led us to choose a different approach for the 2023 Season of video. However, we felt it could still represent the expanded world of League of Legends and its competitive spirit while celebrating the start of a new season.

But we heard your feedback, and we’d like to admit that Brink of Infinity fell short of your expectations in terms of champion action and representation, so much so that some thought we weren’t investing enough in League of Legends.

Honestly, we should have communicated a lot more, which would have helped limit this kind of speculation and sentiment. We firmly believe League of Legends has a bright future and are investing in it, but we can do a better job by sharing those plans with you.

We promise to provide you with more details on this investment in the coming days.

We appreciate your passion and feedback, and the success of League of Legends would not have been possible without your dedication. Thank you.

Something to reassure the most disillusioned who might think that Riot Games no longer intends to be exhausting for the future of League of Legends. Therefore, if it was necessary to do without an introductory video worth mentioning this year, there’s no doubt that the developers have received the message and that they will try to do better in the future. As for the players, all they have to do is make their placement match in hopes of ending the year higher in the rankings than they did in 2022!

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