“We want to keep going,” said Olivier Véran

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08:50 : Aboutminimum pension”Olivier Véran confirmed that he would “increase by 100 euros gross per month” average for “2 million retirees”. “They will see their pension increase to 1,200 gross euros per month”added a spokesman for the government, according to which the measure should come into effect from September 2023.

08:50 : Olivier Véran returns to the hard work considerations. “VSalso it is a new thing. From now on, thanks to medical advice, it will be possible to leave earlier (from 61 years old). Today we want to prevent professional wear and tear”reassured a government spokesperson, explaining that it would happen “more on occupational medicine than anything else”. This visit will “systematic”she says.

08:42 : ? “This is a project that we will present to the Council of Ministers and which will then be examined by Parliament. We want to move forward”, Olivier Véran assumed. “The Prime Minister has internalized, integrated the group’s proposal, including LR. https://t.co/WH3S5tS0lq

08:41 : “OWN all retirees who listen to us, the only risk is to see their pension reassessed. So it’s not a risk but an opportunity.”continued Olivier Véran.

08:42 : Asked about the union front against reforms, with a demonstration scheduled for January 19, Olivier Véran replied that no Do not be afraid”. “Protests won’t magically balance a financially imbalanced pension system. (…) In ten years, if we explain to them that because of a lack of reform our system is no longer viable and that pensions must be lowered immediately, these same French people will not be happy.”he added.

08:34 : Olivier Véran, spokesman for the government, is an extraordinary guest from info france. He will be answering questions from 9am to 9:30am from listeners, viewers and internet users of franceinfo. You can ask him questions by clicking here.

08:13 : At franceinfo, the president of the Confederation of French Pensioners, Pierre Erbs, believes that the extension “number of quarters”or extension of the term of contribution, “will be enough”. But he will not be calling for a joint Intersyndicale demonstration on January 19.

08:07 : ?? “The financial balance of the pension will be guaranteed by 2030” How will a pension of € 1200 be financed for all? @BrunoLeMaire brings up a possible clue. #Les4V #DirectAN https://t.co/cFJuMbLzCN

08:00 : ?? “There is no brutality or imbalance but the justice of the system of solidarity preserved” @BrunoLeMaire responds to the criticism of #ReformeDesRetraites and encourages a combination of retirement / work. #Les4V #DirectAN https://t.co/QFXqfkJPzo

08:08 : Bruno Le Maire guested on “4 Truths” this morning at France 2. “No brutality or imbalance but justice from a preserved system of solidarity”convinced the Minister of Economy about pension reform. “Pension financial balance will be guaranteed in 2030”Minister’s promise.

07:32 : Olivier Véran, government spokesman, is franceinfo’s special guest this morning and will be answering questions from 9am to 9:30am from franceinfo listeners, viewers and internet users. Legal age, annuities, long career and senior jobs, hardships… You can ask him questions by clicking here.

07:30 : Hello @Groom. We precisely explain in this article by my colleague Alice Galopin the difference between the legal age of departure, 64 years from 2030 with reforms, and the full fare age, maximum 67 years, regardless of the number of quarters.

07:30 : Is it possible to explain to your readers that legal age does not mean full fare and that people who have completed the minimum studies will not retire at 64 but no longer at 66, 67 years. This figure totals 64 years to mislead the reader.

07:10 : junction also put pensions on the front page but ahead of social and union protests in the face of these reforms. Unions are preparing to mobilize from January 19.

07:11 : Let’s take a look at the newsstands. Not surprisingly, the pension reform announced yesterday by the government became the front page of several headlines, among others Liberation, Le Parisien or Alsace.


07:15 : Has the specter of political stalemate receded? The government must be able to rely on the right to circumvent recourse to 49.3, this article of the Constitution that allows it to apply. But to stay on schedule, with the implementation of reforms due in early September, the executive can invoke a constitutional clause that will allow it to run more quickly before lawmakers. Explanation with Margaux Duguet.

07:21 : Here’s the first point on the news this morning:

The day after the presentation of the pension reform, the battle began: unions prepared to mobilize from January 19, in a united front against the postponement of the legal age to 64. Government spokesman Olivier Véran will be the “8:30am from franceinfo” guest this morning, you can ask all your questions here.

• The The Golden Globes have made a comeback on television yesterday and honored director Steven Spielberg for the film The Fabelmans.

Russian bombing hit Kharkiv last night, hours after a surprise visit to this city in northeastern Ukraine by Germany’s chief diplomat, Annalena Baerbock, with her Ukrainian counterpart.

This is today’s opening sale. A period that was still strong in terms of consumption, despite inflation, ended on 7 February.

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