The Samsung Galaxy S20FE is on sale

SMARTPHONE SALES. The winter sale 2023 officially begins today. Among the best promotions currently available, the Samsung Galaxy S20FE takes advantage of discounted prices at several merchants.

Need to change phone? The 2023 winter sale is a great opportunity to find tons of smartphones on sale. There are already some great deals with mobile phone promotions from top brands like Samsung, Google or Apple. Although manufacturers rarely participate in these kinds of events, online sales sites such as Amazon, CDiscount or Fnac are great allies for finding products affected by the winter sales!

Among the best deals from this winter 2023 sale, we’ve found the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE at a very good price on Rakuten and Fnac. The Google Pixel 6 is also on sale on Amazon and is available for €479.

The best smartphone deals

What are the sales of 2023 on Xiaomi

The Xiaomi brand has a lot of smartphones every year. Sales also allow you to take advantage of lower prices on many of the company’s products. Is it the Redmi Note series or a Xiaomi smartphone

What are the 2023 sales at Samsung?

Samsung has some great promotions throughout the year. The 2023 sale should allow certain merchants to offer some price reductions on certain brand smartphones. Whether you’re looking for a small, accessible phone like the Samsung A53, a high-end phone with the Galaxy S22 model, or a foldable phone with the Galaxy Z Fold, you should find what you’re looking for.

What are the 2023 sales at Apple?

Apple is not particularly known for directly participating in sales. However, the company has several products that are sold through a dedicated website. In particular, there are several iPhone references, some of which have been refurbished, with reduced prices that make them very attractive. Note that you can also find all the best promotions on Apple products in our dedicated article.

What are the 2023 sales at Oppo?

Years passed for Oppo who kept on offering new smartphones for all types of budgets. For the upcoming winter 2023 sale, we should expect some minor promotions offered by the various participants in the operation. We don’t have a crystal ball to predict upcoming offers, so here are a few Oppo smartphones to keep an eye on during the sale.

The 2023 winter sale was held from January 11 and extended to February 7. Feel free to read our dedicated article for all the information about the 2023 winter sale.

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