The Bière Truck chain franchises its beer minibuses


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Some franchises operate without premises. This is the case for the Bière Truck, a concept launched in 2017 at Tours (37) by Anthony Sigonneau and Cyril Boutrou, which serves drinks and beer in a Volkswagen combo customized for the event. Already gifted with two franchise partners, the network now intends to bring the entire region together by betting on hospitality.

Upgrade the Volkswagen combo to make it a traveling beer bar? This is the challenge made by Anthony Sigonneau and Cyril Boutrou in Tours (37), in 2017, to introduce brewing products to the public. And this in addition through wine merchant or a static food truck at the market. The first Used Vehicles from the popular German brand was equipped with a beer spout in 2018, before the two made their first appearance the following year and acquired a second vehicle. Since then, the Tours brand has surrounded him two franchise partners (in 2021)one in Landes (40) and another in Allier (65) to increase its fleet to 4 vehicles in France and be able to cater to as many customers as possible.

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We respond to requests from individuals for birthdays or weddings. We also work for the community during village festivals and are also called for business seminars”, explains the co-founder of the brand, Anthony Sigonneau.

When the mobile bar goes to its customers

So the concept? Drive a minibus to the chosen event location and serve the customer’s drink of choice, with or without alcohol, from a menu of 150 beers. Beer Truck sources its supply from a network of 25 partner brewers. The Volkswagen Combi can carry 6 barrels with a total autonomy of 180 liters. Let the available volume equal to “700 liters of beer!”, determined Anthony Sigonneau.

As such, the Beer Truck ‘combi’ can meet any demand in the market, as well as become the property of the franchisee as soon as he joins the brand. “The value is not discounted on resale. In addition, the manager can also sell it back to the brand after external expertise, at the end of the contract.”, defines the leader.

Furthermore, the concept does not require the franchisee tohave a place, because it moves around, provides great leeway for franchisees. The latter can also respond to two types of services:

Either the customer rents the franchisee’s vehicle at the event venue and uses it independently, or he requests the franchisee [avec ou sans personnel], to provide service and collection of glasses or pints on site. It all depends on the number of guests and the drinking establishment. Of course, the franchisor comes by to refill the tank on site if necessary.”, added Anthony Sigonneau.

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Cover all brewing areas

Finally, the concept should be established across the region. Because if the brand has signed”two new franchise contracts for Nantes and Côte-d’Or, which will allow us to increase our network to 5 franchises for 7 vehicles by March 2023”, he and his partner would like cover more brewing area (and tourists). “There is potential in the Paris area and also in Alsace. Then, why not aim for Marseille, Lyon, Nice or the mountains”.

For franchisees to join the brand and benefit from the region’s exclusivity*, they must create their own address book once it becomes available. “We have more demand than supply for this business. Because while we did a lot of prospecting work in those areas of activity to help him start the franchise, his mission was to meet his own customers and local partners. He has to know how to get his supplies, especially from regional producers.” said Anthony Sigonneau. “Otherwise, you need to be in good physical shape as it requires a lot of handling to move beer kegs.”

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Envelope 70,000 euros

With regard to the terms and conditions of access to the network, the candidate must agree to them overall investment 70,000 euros excluding taxes, including an entry fee of 15,000 euros and royalties of between 4% and 5% of turnover for joining the brand. The franchise contract runs for a period of 5 years, after following a 3 day training master operational management, drawing techniques and have experienced at least one event simulation with a franchisor to be ready to roll over.

The key is then for the manager or manager,”possibility of reaching turnover of 100,000 euros at the end of the first year of operation and up to 200,000 euros in the 5th year!”, convinced Anthony Sigonneau.

There is no need to worry about administrative aspects either (authorization related to traveling trade and city planning), because the concept is handed over on a turnkey basis to partners. By 2022, the Beer Truck network will have ensure 300 events in France and sells 32,000 liters of beer (for 3 franchises).

* the contract stipulates that the franchisor may extraordinarily cover other departments or territories, such as other franchisees according to market demand, but with prior approval so as not to interfere with its activities.

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