SFL Pro EU 2022, matchday 14: home games before the playoffs

News show SFL Pro EU 2022, matchday 14: home games before the playoffs

As part of STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: PRO-EUROPE 2022, the JV invites you to discover, every Wednesday, a summary of the best moments on the last day of the tournament, as well as the program for the following week.

Day 14 – Results

At the end of this Championship Back last day, MOZ dominated 00Nation in the first encounter, at least in score, signed 40 to 0. Indeed, the Scandinavians know how to give a hard time to the British who have to go every now and then to achieve their victory. Sides of the same thing BMSwho also went back and forth from the first leg and first confrontation against their sibling foes GO.

The two French teams, led by star captains Mister Crimson and Luffy, fought a new fierce battle which was ended by champion Dhalsim and his teammates with a slightly less clear score of 30 to 10, which BMS put up despite staunch resistance from GO. , especially on the side of one of the best Chun-Li players today, aka Valmasterwho also returned ten points earned by his team.

Meeting 1 00NATION 0 MOZ 40
Battle 1 Rikemansbarnet 0 The4philzz 10
Battle 2 Vegetables 0 Shakz 10
Battle 3 Phenomenon 0 ProblemX 20
Meeting 2 GO 10 BMS 30
Battle 1 Valmaster 10 Kilzyou 0
Battle 2 luffy 0 TKR 10
Battle 3 Akainu 0 Mister Crimson 20

Day 14 – Highlights

Against the backdrop of the rating upgrade and ensuing determination MOZhe’s their star player again The4philzz stand out this week. The man who was nicknamed “the best Falke player in the world” did indeed pull off a heavy punch and had an incredible comeback against his opponent, Rikemansbarnet. Watch, enjoy and learn if necessary.

As mentioned above, BMS asserted his dominance for the return match against the team GO, not without a fight from the latter. On the best moments of the week menu, it’s all the same TKR, another Chun-Li Specialist during this tournament, who put a masterclass against the GO captain, armed with his hand, Rose. Maybe Luffy should have sent Valmaster… but he couldn’t get anywhere.

Day 15: last baroud

If we’d known, since the end of day 14, that Wild Blast and Reason Gaming wouldn’t be in the top four, rankings at the start of week 15 knocked them through. MOZ in second place, to the ranking of serious competitors for BMSundisputed leader for six weeks, and was relegated 00Nation in third place, which also put the team back GO in fourth and last place, just before their sibling duel with Mister Crimson’s men, who are scheduled for the semifinals in two weeks. If the profile has started to form, nothing has been decided for the four musketeers at this stage of the competition, each win can return, as a reminder, up to 40 points.

BMS 285 points.
MOZ 235 points.
00 NATION 215 points.
GO 210 points.
GAME REASON 130 points.
Wild Blast 70 points.

The 15th week of competition marks the final day of the championship phase. Before starting the playoffs, the last two stages of the tournament namely semi-finals and final, wild explosion entitled to a final round of honor to shine in the home fight MOZ. When should Gaming reasonsteam accepts 00Nation for a final counter match that promises to be fierce on both sides. Whatever the result, MOUZ and the Nordic team will meet in the semifinals, let alone face to face. We can’t wait to be there, but in the meantime, let’s ponder some more highlights for the ride!

SFL Pro EU 2022, matchday 14: home games before the playoffs

See you on January 16th from 8pm on the channel below to catch up on this last chapter before the final phase of the European tournament.

  • Capcom France – YouTube
  • MGG_FR – Twitch
  • MGG (TV)

What is SFL Pro Europe?

SFL Pro EU 2022, matchday 14: home games before the playoffs

The first edition of the 100% European zone tournament is based on a meet by system a team of 4 players (“4v4”) GO then RETURN in “home-away” mode. Six teams from all countries of the continent compete in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition to win the title European championwith qualification for the World Championship and a prize pool of €60,000.

The winning team will face the champion of US Pro League and some Japan Pro League When Capcom Cup next January.

Each encounter between two teams takes place in 3 fights (“games”) :

  • 2 fights in 3 “best of 3” 1v1 matches, each of which gives 10 points to the team that wins two matches.
  • 1 fight in 5 “best of 5” 1v1 matches which awards 20 points to the team that wins three matches.
  • The team with the most points at the end of 3 fights win the match.
  • In case of a tie, “Extra Combat” in 1 match 1v1 gives the winner 5 points to decide between the two teams.

Total points determine ranking of 6 teams as the competition progresses, until final phase (“playoffs”). This happened at the end Championshipto 15th daywhere only the first four teams will qualify for the semifinals. The European champion team will be crowned on the final day of the final, the 17th and final week of the competition.

Find detailed results and detailed team lineups on the official website of STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: PRO-EUROPE 2022.

All competitions on the website STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: PRO-EUROPE 2022

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