News Press – Sandro GOZI MEP “For ten months, every day, I think of the Ukrainian people who are fighting to defend our values ​​of freedom and democracy”

Sandro GOZI MEP “For ten months, every day, I thought of the Ukrainian people who fought to defend our values ​​of freedom and democracy”

The year 2022 will forever be etched in world history. February 24th, marked by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, marked a new historical break on our continent. This face-to-face between Westernism and Slavophilism, assumed since the 18th century, was transformed that day, before our shocked eyes, into back-to-back between authoritarian regimes and our democracy.

For ten months, every day, I thought of the Ukrainian people who fought to defend our values ​​of freedom and democracy in the face of the unspeakable. In my eyes, these people were invincible… Invictus, wrote William Ernest Henley, whose words were learned by heart as a youth come back to me today filled with power and emotion:

Invictus… This should also be for us, free Europeans, our mantra for the new year.

Inevitably the cycle of globalization will slow down. Faced with challenges, energy shocks, and soaring inflation, our path will be narrow… More than ever, we too must become invictus, masters of our destiny. Take back control to protect our institution. The Qatargate affair that engulfed the European Parliament is proof of this: we too can be attacked from within.

This issue reminds us more than ever of Europe’s fragility, and of the need to have effective instruments to consolidate it. Reacting, because cooperation with the Belgian police and justice is possible, is good; but we also have to protect ourselves. With Renaissance, we support the creation of a system of financial transparency for parliamentarians inspired by the French model and new regulations on European political advertising and political parties.

Our continent and our institutions are under attack. But as the six-century saying goes, “For all things misfortune is good.” This war, in the heart of Europe, has tragically awakened our democracy from its lethargy.

“This war, in the heart of Europe, has tragically awakened our democracy from its lethargy”
We are therefore pleased to see that Member States are still mobilizing to support Ukraine and they have agreed to new aid worth 18 billion.

We are pleased to have passed the carbon tax on the borders proposed by France for thirty years. This tax is meant to protect not only the environment but above all our businesses and jobs in Europe.

Finally, let’s salute the collective work that allowed us to reach the landmark agreement to impose a 15% tax on large multinational corporations.

Europe exists, functions and it is precisely for this reason that it must protect itself more. In a competitive environment with China, the United States and other major powers, certain countries’ veto power is unacceptable. It weakens us and, even worse, can paralyze us.

We must make every effort to move towards energy, industrial and food autonomy. At the same time, we must defend our European sovereignty in technology, weapons and agriculture.

Let’s unite our strength in facing the upcoming challenges… especially among them is energy, the keystone of the whole building. Indeed, we have reached an agreement to limit gas prices and break out of the clutches of Russian dependence, but we must go further. With Germany, for example, we must urgently find a compromise in electricity market reform. Otherwise? Otherwise, we shouldn’t be surprised in the coming months to see a new populism emerge in the heart of our continent. The legislative elections in Sweden and Italy are a wake-up call that should enlighten us…

Tensions between member states are a breeding ground for nationalists. The European Union has no alternative but to reinvent itself to reclaim its place as a major player on the international stage. This event gave rise to the creative deconstruction that Schumpeter loves… Ensuring change and harmony under all circumstances in all regions of Europe will eradicate populism: this is my dearest wish at the start of a new year. »

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