11 new brands settling in Toulouse in 2023: Maison du Monde, Miss cookies, McDonald’s…

Like every year, brands are pulling down their curtains, but new things are happening. So, what shops and restaurants to expect in 2023 in Toulouse? We noted the planned closings and openings downtown.

1 – World House rue Alsace Lorraine

In late December, Maison du Monde moved to rue Alsace Lorraine, replacing H&M. In this store area of ​​1200 square meters, we find all kinds of decorations, furniture, lighting, linens, or even cutlery… all placed in a situation as the brand knows it. “Here there is no diktat, furniture and decorative accessories are not bound to one style but to all styles to reflect the personality, emotions and tastes of each”defines a sign to present the Toulouse shop concept located at street number 27.

Home of the World – 27 Rue d’Alsace Lorraine, 31000 Toulouse – 05 54 06 08 60

2 – Restaurant Les Zygo, where Dupuy is, will be replaced soon

The restaurant Les Zygo’s, located just a stone’s throw away from the iconic Halle aux Dupuy grain bin, offers traditional French recipes made from local produce to satisfy Toulouse’s greedy and fast-paced appetites. A restaurant with authentic cuisine in an unusual place which has since lowered its metal curtain to be replaced by a new child. It remains to be seen if the card will be as exciting as the previous one, but one thing is certain: the communications agency that took over has more than one hype address in Toulouse!

2 bus Place Dupuy, 31000 Toulouse

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3 – Pino Wilson’s Farewell Pizza Place!

After 14 years of good and loyal service (at the table), Pizza Pino will be closed for several months, starting January 8, 2023. A famous pizzeria would become Volfoni, an Italian restaurant (still is), but belonging to the Bertrand group (Burger King, Hippopotamus or Léon). Therefore, the restaurant of the future will retain its Italian origins, apart from the server and its team, but will have a new look thanks to a more trendy and modern atmosphere. See you in March 2023 to discover these new nuggets!

Volfoni- 18 Pl.du President Thomas Wilson, 31000 Toulouse

4 – Ladurée arrives in Toulouse?

Will Toulouse host the group’s 38th store? It has long been rumored that Ladurée will be moving to Place Wilson, replacing the old Les Gémeaux store (a former menswear shop next to the Gaumont cinema). Within months (or even years?), Therefore, residents of Toulouse should be able to taste the delicious macaroni from this house founded in 1862 in Paris by Louis Ernest Ladurée. A little tenderness…

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5 – Monop’Daily is located a stone’s throw from the Place du Capitole

In place of Xiaomi, the Chinese mobile phone giant located at 45 rue Saint Rome for a year (only), will be a Monop’Daily, one of the giant brands of Monoprix. In this 100-sqm space in the heart of the Pink City, residents will find what they are looking for in everyday shopping, but also high tables and a microwave for lunches on the go, a stone’s throw from the Place du Capitole.

Monop’Daily – 45 rue Saint-Rome, 31000 Toulouse

6 – Tintin’s shop, place des Puits Clos, pulls out the powder puffs!

This is an unusual but unique shop that is closing its doors for good after more than 30 years in Toulouse: the Tintin shop located in the hypercentre, place des Puits Clos. “As Hergé said, Tintin reads from 7 to 77 and I will be 77 in 2023, it’s time for me to close shop to retire” announced the manager of Espace Tintin at the end of 2022, to announce the official and definitive closure. The famous character has disappeared from the pink city, but “the shop will be another shop”. So we are waiting to find out what!

12, Place des Puits Clos 31000 Toulouse

7 – Dreams come true for Dreams Donuts, rue Saint Rome

For these three friends from the restaurant industry ages 24 to 31, 2022 ended with a dream: opening Dreams Donuts rue Saint Rome, after more than a year of market research. Since December 10th, as soon as the doors of this Belgian franchise are pushed in, young and old alike can fall in love fresh donuts (today), homemade by Jérémie, Guillaume and Adrien and customized at will. The brand new perfect for 2023 fun.

Dreams Donuts – 6 Rue Saint-Rome, 31000 Toulouse – 05 61 83 56 93 – Open daily from 10am to 6.30pm – to follow on Instagram

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8 – What is the future of the UGC cinema in the François-Mitterrand esplanade?

Closed on 2 July 2019, the future of the UGC cinema located on the François-Mitterrand esplanade opposite the Jean-Jaurès Metro station is still unclear. After several rumors such as the arrival of Ikea or H&M (replaced by Maison du Monde), it could be that the FNAC/Darty group will eventually take over the spot. A rooftop cabaret-restaurant as well as offices and gyms may also see the light of day in this building being classified as a Historical Monument in 2019. A super trendy new address for 2023-2024?

Esplanade François-Mitterrand, 31000 Toulouse

9 – Jennifer draws the curtains, rue Saint Rome

Rue Saint Rome, one of the busiest and most historic in Toulouse, is it going downhill? After 3rd worldwide in the smartphone market (Xiaomi), or The Kaze (mobile accessories specialist), another big sign pulls the curtain, by turns. This is the shop Don’t Call Me Jennifer, the French leader in women’s ready-to-wear for ages 15-25. This closure is the result of a national brand plan, but don’t panic! A new boutique has been set up in the Portet-sur-Garonne shopping center… But then, which brand will take over this year, rue Saint Rome? Continued…

10 – The new McDonald’s in Saint-Michel

The 36th McDonald’s in Toulouse conurbation (finally) opened its doors a few days ago in Saint-Michel, directly opposite the Palais de Justice, metro and tram, in this district in full transformation. A newcomer relying on its strategic position and expansive terrace on Place Lafourcade. Fast food emblazoned with a large “OPEN” sign replaced the hair salon.

11 – Cookies abound near the Capitole

Miss Cookies Coffee is a small coffee shop that opened in December and where you can find plenty of sweet and salty treats, hot and cold drinks, to eat in or take away, Monday through Saturday from 8:30am to 7pm. A Gogo delicacy that will satisfy even the most ravenous while passing through the Place du Capitole!

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