The Su-57 “Felon”, the ultra-modern stealth jet the Kremlin fears will go missing in Ukraine

Russia and the top of its national hierarchy, starting with Vladimir Putin, are constantly boasting about the new ultra-modern weapons the country is producing and which it has claimed for years, the West must learn to be vigilant about.

The most recent example, after its use with previously disputed effectiveness in warfare the Kinzhal hypersonic missile, the launch into the Atlantic Ocean of Admiral Gorchkov, a frigate equipped with the hypersonic Zircon ballistic missile, once again bares its legitimate sharp teeth. question.

Because there is another technological marvel available to Russia in its technological arsenal, but which has been highly classified since the inception of its so-called “special operations” in Ukraine: the Su-57 “Felon”, the most advanced fighter and bomber off the Sukhoi production line , which recently entered service and is claimed to have been used in wars against its neighbours.

The always talkative British Ministry of Defence, in one of its daily bullet points, makes it clear: in his opinion, Moscow has used this key asset against its adversary.

However, with one limitation, and not the least: the aircraft will only operate from the skies of Russia, away from the battlefield, lest this gem and its secrets be destroyed by anti-aircraft defenses. hands to dissect it, as is the case with other precious materials.

According to the British “MoD”, the Su-57 has been used since June 2022 at least to fire, from a respectable range, air-to-air or other missiles against ground targets, which state agencies have further said. Bag.

Like the Mig-31, which operates from Russian or Belarusian territory and poses a real threat to Ukraine and its fighters, the Su-57 would not risk falling into the wrong hands, and this would explain the absence of videos or photos accrediting this. use.

Silent or invisible?

British intelligence is based on satellite images of the Akhtubinsk base, in the Astrakhan region, where the prized aircraft will be stationed, when they are not flying to do their remote work.

But as The War Zone and some observers have noted, the evidence seems flimsy, ever thinner as the Ministry of Defense claims that the Akhtubinsk base was the only one to receive the Su-57s, while other evidence has shown they were there. Lipestk.

However, NATO countries, allies of Ukraine, have the technological and intelligence means to know exactly what is happening in the skies over Russia, which they constantly monitor from the alliance’s borders: it is hard to think that the UK Ministry of Defense has only these meager elements to prove the accusations.

“It seems highly probable that Russia’s priority is to avoid the damage to the reputation of the aircraft and the reduction of its export capabilities, as well as the sensitive technological compromises that would occur if the Felon was lost from the aircraft. over Ukraine»sheds light on British military intelligence on this distant and conservative use of the Su-57.

It seems logical. But it also seems logical that the device’s baptism of fire, in the good and proper form it should be, publicized and glorified by the Russian army because by its designer Sukhoi could improve its export prospects. Nothing proves the worth of a fighter plane better than the fight itself.

There is therefore reason to ask some of these questions about the Kremlin’s conservatism, and many others about other weapons that Russia has persistently presented as invincible and miraculous.

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