The first opinion about the series adapted from video games is here

First opinion about last of us HBO’s post-apocalyptic series starring Pedro Pascal and adapted from the eponymous video game, has dropped.

Released in 2013 on PlayStation 3, Last of us quickly established itself as a video game reference. Among the many qualities associated with Naughty Dog’s masterpiece, we find artistic direction, masterful screenplay, chiseled character writing, wide-screen-worthy staging, and most importantly, a perfectly transcribed post-apocalyptic universe. . What got him the second work, The Last of Us – Part IIwhich, if more divided, has also been largely conquered and surprised.

This is why admirers of the game’s first hour (like the editorial staff) can’t wait to find adaptations from Last of us by HBO in early 2023. The latest trailer for the HBO series also promises a lot. Is this enthusiasm justified? First review trying to answer this question (and to others).

“Let’s go and find a first opinion”

“Druckmann and Mazin adapted this unforgettable story while enriching it, making it more impactful, letting us live with these characters in a different way than the game did. The Last of Us is a monumental achievement and in this universe of darkness it is extraordinary , Mazin and Drukman show us the light that gives this story all its power. » Colliders

“The best adaptation of a video game ever made, which deepens the dystopian world of the game while respecting its emotional core. Like the game, it is also a masterpiece. » Kingdom

“The Last of Us is not only the best video game adaptation of all time, it’s also a fantastic soap opera. If you’re unsure about watching it, do yourself a favor and get started as soon as possible. » Radio Time

The Last of Us: Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey“Don’t think about another bad video game series”

“HBO’s The Last of Us is a stunning adaptation of one of the most powerfully told stories in video game history; he brilliantly introduced Joel and Ellie’s journey to a whole new audience. Building on the essence that made the original fable timeless, it brings the game world to the screen while tweaking certain aspects for an equally stunning result. Brought on by two wonderful interpretations from Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal, the series offers rich viewing for fans of the PlayStation hit, while still being exciting for newcomers. » ign

“Pulling us into this post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested setting, The Last of Us is able to use moments of expectation to shine light on aspects of life that are less appreciated… art direction and filming locations, strong writing and directing, all to serve two characters living truly heartbreaking and thrilling stories. Seasons have their ups and downs, but the lows are never that low and the lows are unbelievably high, making it a phenomenal season…” Gizmodo

The Last of Us: Photo“First seen positive opinion”

“At its nine episodes, the series feels a bit long, even though the source material is partially cut. But for its scale, its terrifying portrayal, and its believable vision of friendship in a shattered world, The Last of Us is that rare television masterpiece: an adaptation that makes you want to play the game immediately.” Telegraph

“The third episode takes The Last of Us from a horror game into something really special… I didn’t want more filler, just some extra time to breathe, that would allow The Last of Us to get deeper into our ways. living today, outside of a sincere but shallow awareness of the dark and light sides of human nature. And if that’s my only complaint about this adaptation of the video game blockbuster, I can say that the creators of The Last of Us have done well. » Hollywood Reporter

The Last of Us: Photo“First return the slam”

“There are a lot of elements in The Last of Us that feel worn out. But at the heart of the cliché, there’s a glimmer of hope: polished presentation, Pascal and Ramsey’s performances, the series’ intermittent bias to (excuse me) fleshing out the world Mazin and Druckmann have established. Those unfamiliar with the game will enjoy a lot in the series, if they can get past the clichés of the genre itself. And if you’re familiar with the universe, be prepared to discover it from other angles and some new twists. » Results

“The field of action is vast, for the better (majestic vistas, expansive cityscapes) and for the worse (one of the pilot’s two prologues is unnecessary). There are great guest actors. Action is good, functional. An episode completely changes the canon of the game as certain scenes are recreated identically. It’s probably best suited for newcomers to the universe or fans who prefer the most faithful of adaptations. This contributes to the feeling of watching other players’ replays. » Weekly entertainment

The Last of Us: Photo“We can be proud of the result”

This first return has been very positive overall, especially underscoring the work of showrunners Neil Druckmann (creator of the video game universe). Last of us) and Craig Mazin (Chernobyl), who knows, a priori, perfectly surpasses the original material. Despite the unavoidable deja vu atmosphere (the game is influenced by many sci-fi stories and movies), Last of us will manage to stand out in the television landscape. The American public will be able to form their own opinion starting January 15, 2023, the broadcast start date Last of us on HBO. Hell, we still don’t know when the series will arrive in France.

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