TESTIMONY. The Noël Le Graët affair: “We have to make people understand who this evil character is” reports former TFC Cédric Fauré via Guingamp

The former Toulouse top scorer (2001-2005) got along with Noël Le Graët during his time with the Côtes d’Armor club (2012-2014), the latter of which later became its president. He harbored memories of a man who was not very human and who acted primarily out of self-interest.

Cédric Fauré, you knew Noël Le Graët at Guingamp between 2012 and 2014, what memories do you have?

When I arrived it was fine. He has provided the plane for me on the way, all the conveniences… Everything has been done on his part to make it run well. But things soon started going downhill. I need time to adapt. Meanwhile, my wife had a miscarriage. Many things bother me. There I saw his real face.

It means?

When we lose, it’s my fault. Sometimes he says to me: “You spend more time doing your hair than playing football, don’t you?” Stuff like that… The day I made the decision to talk to the coach about it, I went to his office. Noël Le Graët was there too. He asked me: “What is this for? Do you intend to score now?” I answered him: “President, before speaking, can you listen to your players a little?” I then told him that my wife had just had a miscarriage and that’s why I wasn’t well. There, he answered me: “Ah… Okay…” Not a word of pity.

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You are disappointed in him on a human level …

If you’re good, you’re good. Otherwise, it’s wrong. It’s sad. I saw him at the end of my time in Guingamp. I scored goal after goal and then he was good again. But I don’t forget. For him, football players are a product. He really is a cynical person. He’s nice if you’re attracted to him. It’s old days. Like some former presidents and again, not all.

How do you explain his longevity of 12 years as head of the Federation?

A lot of things don’t make sense in football today. World Cup in winter… Everything counts, French football is dinner with friends today…

“I’m sure of that, knowing Noël Le Graët: he’s annoyed that Benzema is back in the French team”

Shortly after his statement about Zinédine Zidane, Sunday January 8, Anda tweeted: “It’s a shame that French football has a president like you…”

It’s a shame that French football is managed by such characters. You blame Zidane… He didn’t ask for anything! A bit of wisdom too… Even if you don’t like Zidane, saying “I don’t care if he coaches Brazil”, what does that mean? And when she said she wouldn’t even take it on the phone. But who are you, Noël Le Graët, for not answering people? Who do you put above yourself? That’s what I can’t stand.

Le Graet is already in Guingamp You are a president who doesn’t respect the players I follow and today you disrespect Zidane but it’s a shame that French football has a president like you. Just go out and return the key.

— cedric faure (@lissangel9) January 9, 2023

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These statements are also related to the fact that we know that it was not a great friendship between Zinédine Zidane and Didier Deschamps…

Sure, but take the case of Benzema as an example. He was picked up by the French national team because of his incredible last season. Otherwise, he would never take it back. I’m sure of that, knowing Noël Le Graët: he’s annoyed that Benzema is back in the French team. They invented a “little trick” to make him miss the World Cup.

Since your departure from Guingamp in 2014 you have never spoken about it. Is that too much?

I’m really too annoyed. His statement about Zidane brought it all back. I kept it to myself, I don’t want to show it in the public square. By attacking the Zizou that made us all dream, he went too far. From time to time it is necessary to uncover and clarify who this evil character is. Just that.

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There are also suspicions of inappropriate behavior towards FFF employees…

Given his cynicism, the way he was behaving, I’m sure it was right. It doesn’t surprise me. With such suspicions, how could he still be the chairman of the Federation?

Have you witnessed, when you were by his side, his inappropriate behavior with certain women?

No, I never noticed.

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He has to go?

We need a successor that makes everything healthier. Don’t forget that the pro world is just the tip of the iceberg. All this reflects all the clubs, the volunteers… I think Noël Le Graët probably forgot that he also comes from a small club. Today, I think that doesn’t even count it. Let him out and return the key.

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