Tarbes: Doya, two sisters who sublime flamenco music

Mélissa and Marina Doya have built their class at Tarbes and their reputation internationally. United by a passion for flamenco, they opened up to more of the realms of pop or electro and became known on social networks. Today, Doya’s two sisters have signed with the label and turner for an exhilarating 2023. On Sunday, they were on the legendary Bikini stage.

For the Doya brothers, music doesn’t wait. Though precocious for speech, Melissa sings before saying her first word. When a year younger, Marina only let go at the sight of her paternal guitar. Also, very quickly, the two girls integrated into the Tarbes conservatory. “As a child, I was fascinated by violin concerts on TV, says Marina, her eyes still bright. So when my grandmother rented my first instrument, I slept with her…” For Mélissa, it would be the saxophone as they share percussion singing lessons and choir, taking advantage of Victor Hugo College’s flexible class schedule.

Yesterday’s children have grown well, but the spirit is still divided at the age of 27 and 28 years. Better yet, while the two sisters have won their diplomas (work supervisor for Marina and physiotherapist for Mélissa), they live off music, proudly displaying their “Doya” identity, both in town and on stage. “We always follow our thread, never too serious but hardworking.” During a trip to Granada at the end of college, Mélissa became fascinated by flamenco music. A fever that would quickly infect her youngest child. “It took us away from the classics. There was something exciting about seeing these musicians playing everything by ear, without scores or schools, but with real framework.”

From flamenco to pop and electro

For five years, flamenco monopolized the duo, before each opening up to another world, appearing for Mélissa on saxophone, techno for Marina’s electro violin, then the two of them finally met each other, on the occasion of a festival in their ancestral village, Sotoserramo near Salamanca. “It’s the first time we’re together, alone on stage. Usually we’re always surrounded by talented guitarists. There, we succeeded, we tried to get there on our own.” Very quickly, the concert took over the village of 700 inhabitants. The first video will collect 140,000 views on social networks, the second, a medley of summer 2018 hits, will exceed one million. Their careers then shot across southern Europe. “We got our first pay very young. It also allowed us to have our youth, to buy things that our family couldn’t afford. Music saved us, motivated us. Without it, our life would be much more difficult. That’s also why we keep our feet on our shoulders. We always support each other. If it works, it works for both of us. It’s great.”

“Two, we have strength…”

Thanks to the deconfinement, Doya’s career changed dimensions. They are signed to the Pyrenean Home label for their first album to be released in the coming months. Recently, they entrusted Live Nation with their future tour which will go through many festivals. “Everything went well, admit Marina and Mélissa, always fusion. We complement each other. We often say that we are one of two. We have strengths. Our Spanish origins make us hot-blooded, but we know that we speak the truth. This is healthy. And in the end, we got along well.” Also, their flamenco pop, polished on both sides of the Pyrenees, is now ready to topple the mountains. “To have a goal, as well as similarities, it brings us. There are people who have many talents, more than us, but we both have shared the same path, lived the same experiences. We transmit that whole together. It’s our style, unique. “

On the Bikini stage the Sunday before Tryo

Before exploring the summer stage, in Toulouselah Mélissa and Marina Doya played in front of more than 1,500 people this Sunday, as the first part of Tryo au Bikini. “Students, that’s where we spent our best evening, they enjoyed it. It was great to find backstage. We were very well received. We were able to interact with the public, just like with Tryo. We were glorified.” Taste the sweet encounter that awaits the Tarbes duo this year.

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