Reusable cutlery is a must in fast food restaurants: customers and restaurateurs are adapting to Clermont-Ferrand

If you’re a regular at the McDonald’s located in Clermont-Ferrand next to the Marcel-Michelin stadium, you’ll already be familiar with the new containers of this great American fast food chain.
Indeed, this establishment was one of the pilot restaurants that launched reusable cutlery last summer. Changes that require significant investment.

Great, this anti-junk application has more and more followers

“We had to make some adjustments with the space dedicated to storing and washing these glassware because they were always cleaned during the day. Also need to review schedules to ensure posting for dishwashers,” explains McDonald’s director Anthony Durand.

Pedagogy is also needed with customers, not only to do the sorting at the end of their meal, but also to make it clear that this new glassware is not a “gift”.

Some customers understand that it is part of the menu and they can take it home…

Plates are picked up by customers

“It’s true I think we can keep it up. Moreover, their coffee cups are very good, too bad, said Pierre, smiling. You also need to get used to sorting through the different elements of the board. On the other hand, I think this dish is well cleaned but I still have questions in terms of cleanliness because in this type of restaurant presence is very intensive. »

Downtown, near Place de Jaude, Island Poké, which opened a few months ago, has also taken over most of its packaging and containers.

“The law hasn’t changed much for us because it fits our global approach and our concept around nature and the environment. We already offer hard bowls, glass cups (etc.) for table service. On the other hand, we had to develop a range of desserts that we wanted to offer unpackaged,” explains Céline Kabadou, the venue’s manager.

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Deposit system

And the brand has gone a step further… Granted, the law doesn’t require the use of reusable cutlery for take-away or delivery menus. However, in a few weeks, Poké Island in Clermont-Ferrand, on a voluntary basis and through a deposit system, can have this type of container in this situation.

Customers will bring back plates which we will of course clean. He will be able to recover the deposit.

Compulsory since January 1, some restaurant owners admit that they are not ready. Therefore, a transitional period will be required.
At the national level, the new law makes it possible to end the waste of 20 billion single-use plates, cups, cutlery and other containers each year.

premium The Island Poké bowl brand recently moved to Clermont-Ferrand

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