playtests announced games that exceeded all expectations

According to the first feedback from playtests, Starfieldspace game from Bethesda, will fulfill its impressive ambitions.

At the start of 2023, we are no longer doing it for players. When we talk to them about space games with enormous ambitions and endless exploration, we can’t help but think of the disastrous launches of Heaven Without Humans in 2016, or to a perpetual pre-alpha filled with promises StarCitizen. Distrust is currently colliding with the flood of ideas from video game designers which are often counterproductive. Because yes, fantasy travels across the universe and makes your sandbox as vast as it is hard to reach.

And if developers started to brag about their ability to make this dream come true soon, we would now step back. Between a wet squib and game of the year, there is only one step, we studied it on many occasions, especially in the triple A industry. It is no less true when the developer in question is Bethesda, to whom we owe raid Fall 76. Another example of unfinished open worlds and wasted potential. It is therefore with as much curiosity as concern that we see their new space exploration license arrive this year, Starfield. A game that – according to playtesters – it will be better than what has been sold to us so far.

The light at the end of the space tunnel

Last year, Bethesda revealed to us fifteen minutes of gameplay Starfield, and it has given us a mad desire to believe it. Microsoft’s exclusive space opera we seem to have all the weapons necessary to challenge other publishers, and Sony in particular, on unbeatable ground. Therefore, no small matter was at stake here. Embark on a space epic that aims to inspire the likes of a Mass effectwhile borrowing the realistic (sometimes perfectionist) rigor of its rivals StarCitizen, Starfield carries within it the DNA of the genre’s minor revolution. A little too good to be true, right?

It seems not that much. podcasts XNC Podcasts has just revealed that initial feedback from the game’s play test has been more than positive. They will claim not only that Starfield success, but it will be bigger and denser than expected. Colt Eastwood, creator of the podcast, made it clear that he doesn’t want to accidentally sell the game – despite everything, many different sources will confirm this information to him.

Starfield: FigSpace Citizen Life

Among the playtesters (who are therefore often external players, hired to test games in secret, without being influenced by the developer), even the most reluctant will be dazzled by success Starfield. If this isn’t just a communication punchline, we can only be so excited. We remember that games make promises hundreds of planets to explore (including our Earth), dozens of factions, a long and rich history and infinite lifespan.

With that said, we’re going to talk about the greatest game ever developed by Bethesda, beyond all fall out and all Edler’s Scrolls never came out. What makes us believe in equation a Skyrim modern and even more impactful (while many still can’t get over the last one, twenty years later). It will be nothing.

Starfield: Fig“Major Tom to ground control”

Of course, we remember that this information (as convenient as it gets) should be taken with a grain of salt. No tests or previews have been made by the press yet and these playtests may very well be a publicity tool like any other, even if they should have leaked here. Despite everything, leaks or publicity, this return testifies to Bethesda’s certain faith in its project. Which hopefully is also a good sign.

It was recently revealed on the game’s official website Starfield it is planned to be released in the first half of 2023, and it’s actually one of the games we’re most looking forward to hitting the big screen this year. That said, more information should arrive quickly for the bold game from Bethesda, especially at the Xbox Showcase which may be taking place soon.

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