Pick up your package by phone: what’s the point?

Do you want to replace your smartphone, but you are on a tight budget? Subscribing to a cellular plan with a cell phone is likely to interest you. Almost all operators offer subsidized smartphones with a 12-24 month commitment. Discover the interests of this type of solution.

Plan + smartphone: good?

It’s important to weigh the pros and cons beforehand pick up your pass by phone. The price of the phone is undoubtedly the first advantage of such a solution. Admittedly, subsidized smartphones cost significantly less compared to models purchased without any kind of subscription. You can also visit this site to find very attractive offers.

You should also know that often the payment of telephone charges can be staggered. In addition, carriers provide consumers with multiple choices when it comes to subscriptions, allowing them to find the cellular plan that best suits them. For example, it is possible to select blocked packages to limit their consumption. On the other hand, there is no need to go to the operator to pay for the subscription, because invoice payments are made by direct debit.

If taking subsidized phones has undeniable advantages, this solution also has some drawbacks. Commitment is the first. Subsidized smartphones certainly imply a commitment for a minimum period of 12 months. In addition, terminating the contract during the commitment period incurs significant costs. Indeed, the payment of the remaining monthly payments remains mandatory. At the same time, it is necessary to pay the termination fee, unless there is a valid reason such as:

  • Move to an area that is not covered by carriers or abroad;
  • Excessive debt;
  • Prison sentence;
  • Illness or disability that hinders use of the service;
  • Death.
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What models are the most attractive to take with a package?

Is it possible to get all types of mobile by subscribing to a cellular plan. You can choose an entry-level device as well as an expensive model like the iPhone 14. Apple’s newest smartphone is also one of the most attractive models to pick up with a subscription from an operator. . To illustrate, if you buy it with the SFR 80GB 4G+ package, it costs 1,009 euros. In comparison, you will pay 1539 euros by buying the phone separately and subscribing to the same cellular plan. Thus, you will save 530 euros by choosing a subsidized smartphone.

It is also very interesting to carry your package with the Galaxy S22 5G phone. For example, with the Orange 150 GB package, your savings will amount to 440 euros. Subsidized phones will cost 1,318.76 euros, compared to 1,758.76 euros if the purchase of the smartphone and withdrawal of the subscription are made independently.

in short, high end phone is the most reasonable to use with a cellular plan. Indeed, you can purchase a model like this without putting yourself in a tough financial situation or going into debt with credit institutions.

What models are the most attractive to take with a package?
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Canceling a subscription with a smartphone: how does it work?

Prior to 2008, terminating your contract was complicated and expensive if you decided to pick up your package by phone. Fortunately, Chatel’s law came to change the situation. In particular, it allows you to cancel a subscription with a 2-year commitment at a more favorable rate from the 13th month. Specifically, the cancellation fee will amount to 25% of the total remaining monthly payments.

Regarding the procedure for cancel the subscription with the smartphone before the end of the commitment, there are 2 options. The first was to send his operator a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt asking him to terminate the contract. You can use one of the many templates available online to write your letter.

Number portability requests are a second way to proceed. However, this solution is only possible if you subscribe with a new carrier. All you have to do is send a request to the latter. He will take care of terminating your old contract and take the necessary steps to allow you to keep your number.

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