Ministerial visit, fateful “disappointment” and dunk, Victor Wembanyama’s fateful night

In Marcel-Cerdan’s (Levallois-Perret) room,

And, just over three seconds from the end of the encounter, Marcel-Cerdan’s room at Levallois-Perret (Hauts-de-Seine) exploded. The joy of course is in celebrating the victory that the locals brought up against one of the contenders for the title, Asvel (84-83). But mostly relieved. Yes, because, after a very complicated game, Victor Wembanyama arrived, finally with a devastating knock that put the Mets ahead, to do what everyone expected of him: dominate his opponent, attack the hoop, get the crowd to their feet… In short, to light up the room that was coming almost just for that.

“I really wanted us to offer my son, who is an NBA fan, a spot for the Mets game before Victor left for the States, said Grégory (54), crossing in front of the hall an hour and a half earlier. the start of the meeting. It’s our first time coming here, even though we don’t live far away. Jonathan Givony came from much further afield. From New York to be exact. Accompanied by several of his colleagues, the ESPN reporter spent a week with the Mets covering the Wembanyama phenomenon.

I like this guy, the American journalist told us, funny. We were able to spend time with him and he is a very nice person. We’re lucky to have him in the Draft, he’s doing things no one has ever done. Some asked if there wasn’t too much hope around him, but he created that hope. We’ll be patient, but there’s no reason he shouldn’t be one of the best players in the NBA. I would be very surprised if he doesn’t win the MVP for a year. »

“That match, in Bercy…”

Prior to the Draft, slated for late June, and the discovery of rooms like TD Garden in Boston or Madison Square Garden in New York, Victor Wembanyama still has to “fade” the season with Boulogne-Levallois, the room seats 2,800, it’s a speaker who screams (too) loudly and the header 30 supporters, including 20 children under 10 years. The atmosphere is friendly, even if Vincent Collet, Metropolitans 92 coach, prefers another setting for this welcoming poster against Asvel: “We are armored from armor. We had to reject 6,000 requests. That match, in Bercy…”

Although entangled in the galleys connected to the Noël le Graët case, Amélie Oudéa-Castera is one of the special people who gets to attend the meeting. The Secretary of Sports even walked the locker room to congratulate the Mets after their win. “I presented him, especially to the Americans, to let them know he was the Secretary of Sports,” Collet said with a laugh. It would be a surprise if he came for us, I think he was there for Victor. He told the cast that he enjoyed the show and that, even though he wasn’t a specialist, he had a great time. »

Waters do not take water

An entertaining person, in particular, is Tremonte Waters. The American point guard for the Mets is his team’s top shooter, with 28 points and 7 assists. Thanks to his lay-ups and drives, he especially allowed his team, which was 8 points behind, to take money time. He was also the one who started the action that led to the winning knock from Victor Wembanyama, after the third offensive rebound.

Hence, this tap dunk comes to mark an inside game for the French giants, who found the club he had left a few months ago, even if the stats sheet suggests otherwise (15 points, 9 rebounds, 5 blocks). Just two points, on free throws, in the first quarter, third half crossing like a ghost, punishing fouls, zero points on three points… It was a frankly tricky night for Wemby.

I liked the fact that he kept his cool, commented Vincent Collet. I found him patient and more helpful to the team than in the last game. He has the confidence and ability to adapt. He followed well and it showed him that when he is close to the circle that is when he can dominate. He also has to get ahead in taking position, which isn’t quite obvious in a racket. »

“He doesn’t stop at what he can do”

It had to be said that Asvel had prepared her move quite well. Despite often running a size deficit, Villeurbanne’s defense led by Yves Pons, who especially making the VW a staple in action, and Charles Kahudi, handled the Wembanyama case flawlessly. And not many people expected it in the stands. “I was a little disappointed with Victor’s game, which Pons defended well, shyly regretting Clément (22), from Paris. A little bit for him we came to see this game, so a little disappointed with what he did, even if he gave the faucet a win. After that, it’s still cool to watch and the goal is still for the team to win. »

And to see Wembanyama’s bright face at the end of the game, not to be stingy with signing autographs and taking pictures during the “Ovation Tour” (yes, round of honor, but it sounds better in English), the main thing is there. “He is very happy in the locker room and doesn’t stop at what he can do, Vincent Collet rejoiced. And I love it. “Even if, we agree, the man who is also the coach of the French team would prefer that his jewels place thirty. No doubt it will happen very soon. In Dijon, Sunday?

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