Metroid Prime 4: studio recruiting on PlayStation!

Game news Metroid Prime 4: studio recruiting on PlayStation!

Even though it’s been over 5 years since Metroid Prime 4 was announced, and fans of Samus Aran are eager to get information from Nintendo about his Arlesian, recruitment is in full swing at Retro Studio, developer of this very mysterious title. And it’s on that side of the competition that he uses…

Are you still waiting for Metroid Prime 4 after all these years? One of the greatest Arles women in history nintendo announced during the E3 2017 Direct, three months after the release of the Nintendo Switch, which has become one of the most anticipated titles. Unfortunately, its development started so badly, to the point that it restarted from zero a year and a half later. It’s been 4 years now we have more or less no news from RetroStudiosdeveloper of the original Metroid Prime trilogy was released on GameCube then the Wii, and we cling to even the tiniest bits of information about them… like their hiring announcements.


  • But what are Retro Studios working on?
  • Retro Studios plunders Nintendo’s competition
  • What if Retro Studio developed… a third-person game?

But what are Retro Studios working on?

Based in Texas, Retro Studios is one of the most talented Nintendo related developers around.

Since the release of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, released for the Wii U in February 2014 (so long ago), the creators of the original Metroid Prime trilogy have been locked in a silence that doesn’t just make people happy. Fans of the acclaimed intergalactic gorilla and/or bounty hunter have nothing left to eat from this streamlined studio, who gave a second life to “DK” with two very high-quality games early in the decade, before dropping off the radar for a few years, with no one really knowing what they could be working on. Announcement from reboot the development of Metroid Prime 4, a project that was not initially entrusted to them, only reinforced questions that remain unanswered to this day.

Metroid Prime 4: studio recruiting on PlayStation!

In addition to modern Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong Country, Retro also designed Mario Kart 7.

So of course, in the meantime, we’re treated to rumors of a racing game based on the Star Fox universe, which indeed can be entrusted to developer Mario Kart 7 without surprising anyone, quite the contrary. However nothing has been confirmed yet, and to this day, we still don’t know what projects the studio could be working on, which we envision bringing Metroid Prime Trilogy in HD to the Switch, For example. As for Metroid Prime 4, apart from scraps of information here and there for 4 years now and a total restart of development, it’s an unknown. Despite the concept art that was vaguely revealed in February 2022, the news surrounding this FPS is what’s visible steam device consists almost basically of announcements around staff hiring, always from big names in the industry.

The famous “JPG” from Metroid Prime 4, launched in June 2017, has almost become a meme among Nintendo fans.

Metroid Prime 4: studio recruiting on PlayStation!

Retro Studios plunders Nintendo’s competition

After posting the hiring announcement on its own Twitter in April 2019, Retro Studios has never posted anything on its account other than similar posts, and we learned over the following months that half of the workforce that existed in 2007 is still there (and because of that, most of the Metroid Prime 3: Corruption staff are currently working on this long-awaited sequel). The announcement of the arrival of veterans in the field, and FPS specialists such as character designs from 343 Industries (Halo) or even DICE Battlefield veterans) is thus an the only “news” worth mentioning for anyone hoping to learn something new about Metroid Prime 4, absent from all Nintendo Directs for 5 and a half years.

Metroid Prime 4: studio recruiting on PlayStation!

What if Metroid becomes TPS? The latest recruit from Retro Studios could go in this direction…

Unfortunately, if you’re expecting information regarding the game itself, we don’t have much more to provide, however it’s interesting to note that Retro Studio continues to “help itself” from Nintendo’s competitors, and even more so from FPS specialists. Indeed, after seeing Hannah Foel (ex Santa Monica Studio who worked as a “combat producer” on God of War and even God of War: Ragnarök) join the Japanese company in mid-December, the studio continues to target the Therefore, Brazilian site Universo Nintendo has just revealed the arrival of two PlayStation Studios alumni at Retro Studios: Steven Ray, 3D animator who worked on cinematics for Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Nathan Ramos, former producer at Bend Studio had worked on Days Gone and collaborated with Guerrilla on Horizon: Forbidden West. All of this, however, isn’t very FPS, if at all…

What if Retro Studio developed… a third-person game?

Metroid Prime 4: studio recruiting on PlayStation!

Players keep dreaming of the new Donkey Kong 3D. What if Retro Studio was on it?

From there it’s conceivable that Retro Studios is considering a radical change in direction for the Metroid Prime franchise, and having it now become TPS, there’s just one step we can’t skip. However, not 100% sure that this latest recruit concerns Metroid Prime 4. As Universo Nintendo editor-in-chief Necro explained, “just because Retro Studio is hiring doesn’t mean it is for Metroid Prime 4”, and he added that “Retro already has other projects in the works” although we don’t know what he is. meaning. Why couldn’t a 3D platformer, like Donkey Kong, ever make it (finally!) Donkey Kong 64, after all, as perpetual rumors would have it at one time? In the meantime, we’re still hoping for official information from Nintendo about this title which makes itself even more desirable, and who will be most welcome in the long-awaited first Direct of 2023, which is sure to come in mid-February as per tradition.

Metroid Prime 4: studio recruiting on PlayStation!

Metroid Prime 4 may be releasing on the Nintendo Switch, and at a date that hasn’t been communicated yet (it hasn’t even been confirmed for 2023, or fully officially on Nintendo’s hybrid console).

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