LIVE – Pension reform: the government introduces its project, the opposition is ready to mobilize

According to Fabien Roussel, the pension reform is “very harsh” and will “especially affect workers”

“The government pension reform is a tough, very tough reform.” At France 2, Fabien Roussel sharply criticized the executive bill, the outline of which Élisabeth Borne had to reveal this afternoon.

According to the national secretary of the French Communist Party (PCF), “these reforms will primarily affect workers, men and women with few qualifications.”

“Today, a person who has bac +5, who enters the labor market at 23 years old, he will contribute 42 annuities, he knows that he will leave at 65 years old. But a worker who has started working at 19 years old, he doesn’t benefit from a long career, and he, with 42 annuities, he hopes to leave at 61, even 60 years old, “said Fabien Roussel.

Before proceeding:

“And there, the government asked him to work another 3 years, that’s the punishment, his body was mutilated”.

Pension reform: should pension rates be reduced?

In recent months, government members have regularly approached pension reform as a project guided by a desire to rebalance the system, but without lowering pensions.

This seemingly effective measure to reduce the deficit proved politically difficult to accept. To find out more:

For Danièle Obono, the government’s pension reform is a “historic social regression”

RFI guest Danièle Obono spoke on pension reform. For the rebellious deputies from Paris, this was “a historic social regression that will strike at the weakest”.

“We will fight with the unions, in the National Assembly and with the youth on January 21,” said the elected official.

Aurélien Pradié set some “red lines” on pension reform

For now “the account doesn’t exist”. LCP guest on Monday night, deputy LR Aurélien Pradié recalled her position on pension reform, setting out some “red lines”. “For me, what must come first is the term of contribution,” said the first person who attended his party’s congress last December campaigning for the suspension of the legal age of departure.

This measure, desired by the government, “is not a totem”, insists Aurélien Pradié. In his opinion, “as soon as we are satisfied with the pension reform at the only legal age, we will carry out reforms that are completely flawed”. The 30-year-old cited the example of those who started working at 20 and who could leave at 63 rather than 64 in retirement under current conditions. And for hammering:

“The worst is imposing unjust reforms, punishing those who work the hardest”

In addition, Lot’s deputy highlighted the “small pension revaluation”, as the “sine qua non” of his vote, and emphasized the question of “women’s career”. For her, maternity leave should be “fully accounted for in pension contributions”. As such, lawmakers insist on the “way to go”, before the LR planets and the relative majority align.

His position, taken over by another deputy LR, casts doubt on majority support. Above all, it’s less peaceful than Éric Ciotti on this subject. He wants to extend the legal age of departure, even if he says he’s against 65. He was prepared to “vote for fair reforms”, as he explained in the column JDD. While he could be the party’s number two, Aurélien Pradié is reassuring, saying that he and the Alpes-Maritimes deputy have “a vision that can be combined”.

Difficulty criteria come back soon?

If the path of delaying the retirement age to 64 becomes clearer, the hardship criteria left behind in 2017 could return to reform. Illustration on a construction site in Brittany.

What do we know about pension reform

Hours before the government’s presentation of the contents of the pension reform, certain points of the executive project have yet to be decided. Others, however, such as the legal age of departure delay, are hardly in doubt. To find out more:

“The battle begins”: Bompard calls on France to demonstrate against pension reforms

Elisabeth Borne has yet to reveal the outline of executive pension reform, but the opposition is already starting to get organized. Before the Prime Minister spoke this afternoon, Manuel Bompard asked BFMTV for France to mobilize with the unions, remember that the majority of them opposed the government’s plans.

“This bill is structurally a minority in this country,” insisted the new coordinator of La France insoumise (LFI).

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Is there really any urgency to reform pensions?

To justify its reforms, the government ensured that the pension system was “structurally in deficit”. A report validated by the Retirement Orientation Council which confirms that there is no uncontrolled spending dynamics. More information here:

Elisabeth Borne is presenting her pension reform at 5:30 pm this Tuesday

Therefore, this Tuesday at the end of the day Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne will present the contents of the pension reform planned by the government. If negotiations between the majority and the Republicans go well to find common ground, the opposition is already poised to show their muscles, as are the union formations preparing for a response down the road.

Special retirement day on BFMTV and BFM Business

Hours before Élisabeth Borne’s presentation of the pension bill, the BFMTV and BFM Business branches mobilize and offer you a “Special Retirement Day” this Tuesday.

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