It is this particular scheme that will be abolished by the pension reform

CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT / AFP This picture taken on October 20, 2022 shows a metro train passing a washing station on its way to the Regie Autonome des Transports Parisiens (RATP) storage area in Paris. (Photo by Christophe ARCHAMBAULT / AFP)


(Illustration photo) A special scheme that will be abolished by the pension reform

RETIREMENT – What gave rise to large-scale mobilization in the profession concerned? Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne unveiled, on Tuesday, 10 January, the pension reforms that the government wants to enact. In addition to pushing the retirement age back to 64, executives have acted “extinction of the main special regime”, in the press kit that was handed out minutes before the announcement.

It’s a matter of fairness “, confirmed the chief executive when the Minister of Labor, Olivier Dussopt mentioned the removal of what might appear to be ” privilege “.” It also had courage that no one had before “, he added.

This is how the special regime of the RATP, members of the Economic, Social and Environmental (Cese) Council, clerks and notary clerks, and Banque de France staff had to be eliminated.

The electricity and gas industry branch (IEG), which brought together nearly 150 companies in the gas and electricity sector, such as RTE, Enedis and even Engie, was also affected by the abolition of this special regime.

At RATP, a special pension scheme covers all employees recruited for that status. The number is about 40,000, against 5,500 in the private law CDI. On the other hand, only certain categories of personnel benefit from special measures that allow early retirement. These are the driver, station agent, security agent, control agent and personnel responsible for track maintenance.

In the electricity and gas industry, the special pension scheme covers 176,129 retirees in 2021, for 135,497 contributors, i.e. all employees in the sector.

Clause “Grandpa”.

Note, however, that this omission will be accompanied by a “grandfather clause”. That is, new employees recruited from September 1, 2023 who will be affiliated with the general scheme.

All employees covered by this special scheme will also have to see an extended duration of their activity in a calendar, the convergence period, which will be determined in consultation with the relevant companies and branches. added Olivier Dussopt.

Last November, several unions of RATP, electricians and gas operators have qualified for the possible removal of the special regime for new agents “provocation” and decisions “not responsible”.

“If we attack our regime, like all special regimes, it is very clear that the electricians and gas workers will not disengage without mobilizing, and the CGT will be very supportive of them”had scolded Fabrice Coudour, the Federal Secretary CGT-FNME (National Federation of Mines and Energy

On the RATP side, where the average driver retires at 57 years and 9 months, Bertrand Hammache, general secretary of the CGT-RATP, sees it “especially the new provocation” from the executive.

public function

Regarding the civil service, Minister Stanislas Guérini confirmed that the reforms would apply in the same way. ” This means that a gradual decrease in the age of opening pension rights on the one hand, and an accelerated rate of increase in the duration of insurance on the other hand (…) will be transferred strictly identical to the regime in force for permanent civil servants and active groups, he explained.

The special regime of French Comedy, Paris Opera, minors, sailors or even SNCF has not been mentioned by the government. It should be noted, however, that the SNCF special regime has been closed for two years and is therefore no longer accepting new arrivals. All railway workers employed since 2020 contribute to the general scheme.

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