How Cannoise Manuela Biocca went from sewing to painting

Designer of fashion accessories and floral jewelery since 2009, Manuela Biocca has drawn inspiration for her collections from old fashions, art, Gothic literature, rock, wardrobe curiosities, Baroque and legend. Corsets, belts, coats, jewelery and other mini hats, the essence of the brand lies in a mix of textures, contrast and play of light. Luxurious fabrics, lace, handmade silk flowers, jewelery and gemstones are favorite materials for her creations. To compose a very romantic, chic and sensual universe.

A revelation

Until a few months ago, moved by a sudden inspiration, he decided to leave fashion behind to start painting: “I have noticed that art embroiderers often make very beautiful jewelry, decorations. The painting of one of them, entirely embroidered using very sophisticated techniques, inspired me. I had a revelation! I felt the desire to turn the technique into an image acquired for ten years. “ Year after year, Manuela Biocca, a self-taught who has become a Craftsman thanks to the app, has perfected her technique in corset, sewing and fashion accessory development. She continues to hone her creativity by practicing her mastery of bobbin lace, haute couture embroidery from Lunéville, silk flower creations made by hand using traditional tools. The result, therefore, is these paintings which crystallize his knowledge. We find there Gothic, Renaissance, pre-Raphaelite, romantic inspiration, the recurring theme of stained glass windows and the attention to detail pushed to a climax.

His first painting, a 58x48cm work in the center of which appears a skull embroidered with aged faceted beads, surrounded by silk flowers of dazzling color, is an excellent illustration of this. In the second painting, another skull is rejected, this time in a punk version with the skull topped with a coat of pearl stripes against a background of constellations of tartan buttons, safety pins and other motifs from this current.

As calaveras, famous mexican skulls that symbolize the joy out there, the skulls that the designer represents never evoke melancholy. Titled table black planet, he invites you on an intergalactic journey. In the heart of the universe whose center glows a beaded orb, we find all the constellations of stars, precious cabochons, against cloth backgrounds… glowing! Thus making this work appear in a different light in the dark.

Sequins, black pearls, gold thread, jaseron, glass shuttles form a hypnotic spiral on another painting. Further decorated with floral satin ribbon folds in origami style. And the whole set of stars, moon and constellation Cancer. In a nod to the designer’s astrological sign.

special order

Highlights of the 2023 collection: Sacred Hearta little Pierre et Gilles, all in gold embroidery (made of fine metal or textured tubing) amazonite leaves, silver crosses, jade crosses, and metal bracelets with the look of flattened barbed wire by Manuela Biocca. “I hunt for a lot of objects, especially at the Fossil and Mineral Fair, or in Venice, where I buy wooden frames that I gild myself thanks to my training”, said the designer. Who made it an honor to only offer unique items.

Attention paid to quality, pursuit of excellence and creativity are its hallmarks. Patience too, infinite patience because he no longer even counts how many hours were spent on each painting, the fruit of meticulous work.

Although very adaptable, because Manuela Biocca can make personalized and tailor-made orders. Such a spectacular painting depicting Elvis from behind, created by request of a special fan of the King…

What characterizes Manuela Biocca’s creative process, which aims to tell the story behind every very personal creation, feelings, emotions, imagination, is authenticity. Precious and dreamlike creations that never cease to fascinate, create an atmosphere or even reflect your interiority or reveal your secrets…

> A creation by Manuela Biocca in Cannes.


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