“Hand on thigh”, “indecent proposal” … New testimony accuses Noël Le Graët

While Noël Le Graët will audition this Tuesday as part of an audit on dysfunction at FFF, Radio France is exposing the testimony of several women at the Inspectorate General of Education, Sport and Research (IGESR ). With a new fee.

More than ever, Noël Le Graët is in the eye of the storm. While he shocked the entire football planet – and beyond – with Zinédine Zidane’s inappropriate exit at the RMC, the president of the French Football Federation is caught up in an investigation into a dysfunction within the body he ‘leads.

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Noël Le Graët was heard once as part of an audit commissioned by the Ministry of Sport after numerous testimonies from employees or former employees who denounced the damaging climate in the body, some even accusing Le Graët of sexual harassment, which was perpetrated by the president of the FFF. always defend.

While the boss of French football will be audited for the second time this Tuesday as part of this audit, Radio France has uncovered the testimony of several women in the Inspectorate General of Education, Sport and Research (IGESR). And the latter puts forward an inappropriate and disturbing attitude on Noël Le Graët’s part given the hierarchical relationship.

“Repeated calls received after 10pm, even 11pm.”

A former Federation executive in particular showed investigators text messages and Whatsapp messages. French radio mentions dinner invitations or even messages ending with “I kiss you”. Repeated calls received “after 10pm or even 11pm” were also mentioned.

Another collaborator assured investigators that it had been legal travel on a plane where “Noël Le Graët put his hand on his thigh”. According to her, the president of the FFF also informed her of “his wish that (she) wear a skirt during the trip”, whereas the assistant Breton leader recommended to her “not to accept meeting him after lunch because he is drunk.” Finally, a former leader disclosed an “indecent proposal” that “stupefied him”. The latter claims to have “closed the door thanks to his experience”.

These facts are morally reprehensible but not forbidden. As Radio France has pointed out, they do not appear to require the activation of Article 40. It states that “any established authority, any public official or civil servant who, in the exercise of his duties, acquires knowledge of a crime or misdemeanor is required to give notice of the matter.” it without delay to the public prosecutor and convey to this judge all the information, reports and actions relating thereto.

“Sonia, I’m on my third bottle, I’m waiting for you for the fourth”

This testimony is in addition to those revealed in the So Foot survey a few weeks ago and, more recently, Sonia Souid’s survey. On the BFMTV microphone this Tuesday morning, the player’s agent denounced the inappropriate behavior of the president of the French Football Federation between 2013 and 2017 and in particular his behavior during a meeting at his home in 2014. The agent’s accusations are absurd the scope of the investigation carried out by the Inspectorate General of Education, Sport and Research .

“In this meeting, he told me clearly that if we got closer, my idea would come true, confided Sonia Souid. And there, I got a slap in the face. Because I had the president of the French Football Federation looking at me. (. . .) like two tits and a real donkey.”

After this encounter, Sonia Souid explained that she “spent her time dodging” calls from FFF bosses. “Each time, he comes to my voicemail, but he’s the one who leaves very few messages. In the four years we’ve known each other and where he’s asked me to have dinner with him, I don’t know how many times, he’s left me very little voicemail.”

Player agents played BFMTV a voicemail from July 2017, sent during the night by the president of the FFF: “Sonia, I’m on my third bottle, I’m waiting for you on your fourth.” At the end of the interview, Sonia Souid appeared in front of the BFMTV cameras some of the text messages that Noël Le Graët had sent him. “I miss you”, “Are you free tomorrow night?”, “Can I invite you to dinner tomorrow night, I insist”, wrote the FFF boss specifically.

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