after Indochina, Louise Attaque threatened not to play in Perpignan because of RN

THOMAS SAMSON/AFP Members of French rock group Louise Attaque during the 32nd Victoires de la Musique, February 10, 2017.


Members of French rock group Louise Attaque during the 32nd Victoires de la Musique, February 10, 2017.

POLITICS – Group prefer Parisian night on the Perpignan night. Louise Attaque joined the Indochine initiative this Tuesday, January 10, by threatening not to perform at the Les Déferlantes festival next July due to the music festival’s relocation to Perpignan, the city run by the National Rally.

As you know, we have planned to play at the Les Déferlantes festival on the 9th of July. Originally planned for the municipality of Keret, it was transferred to the municipality of Perpignan by the organizers, without consulting us. “, explains the group formed by Gaetan Roussel, Arnaud Samuel and Robin Feix.

And if they emphasized their attachment to the festival, the reaction of the mayor of RN Perpignan, Louis Alliot, after the announcement of the change of venue was not to their liking. What Nicola Sirkis’ group had known a few days earlier.

The Mayor of Perpignan RN immediately greeted him via tweet. Not wanting to support the fait accompli method or the possible restoration of the festival by the town hall, we also asked the management of Les Déferlantes to do everything possible to find another place. “.

The Louise Attaque group, behind the cut I take you to the wind Where your invitation, ask instead for a a place that meets the expectations of all parties: organizers, artists, and festival visitors “. Waiting for a change of location for Le Déferlantes, ” we don’t want to participate in this event “, finally convinced the French rock group on its Facebook account.

RN counterattacked

Following the declaration of the Indochine group, on January 7, the National Rally moved by the threat of the group, considering its choice “sectarian and irreverent”said RN President Jordan Bardella, Monday January 9 on BFMTV.

“This is very sectarian and disrespectful to their thousands of fans who may also vote for National Rally”he added remembering that “When you’re an artist, you don’t play politics, you don’t sort the people who come to this concert according to their political opinion.”

As for the mayor of Perpignan, being silent about the matter, he was content with himself share tweets on your social networks from LR Cannes mayor David Lisnard. The latter was stated in a tweet on Tuesday, February 10: “The sectarianism of those who wrap themselves in tolerance and benevolence is always surprising. And this position, despite its alienating and threatening nature, is politically counterproductive. I specified that I would make the same comments for any of the partisan labels. »

The festival, which will take place from 6 to 9 July 2023, will welcome many famous music artists, from Damso to Rosalía, via Sting, Izïa, Lomepal or Pomme. If you haven’t yet reacted to Louise Attaque’s position, the management of Les Déferlantes has already shared the first statement on January 8, after Indochine was published on social networks. ” We note the position of the Indochine group to condition, for the political question, their arrival to Les Déferlantes he has written.

Recalling on this occasion that the festival is ” not politicized “, management said it’s sorry” that music and politics are thus linked! “.

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