LIVE. Le Graët-Zidane-Mbappé tensions: FFF president will call former number 10 to apologize


Zidane will not react immediately

According to Zidane’s entourage, the former number 10 will not react immediately so as not to spark controversy.


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Le Graët will call Zidane

Noël Le Graët plans to call Zinedine Zidane in the next few hours, according to information from the Parisien-Aujourd’hui en France. The FFF president wants to apologize to him and explain the statements made on Sunday night regarding the future of the former Blues number 10.


An FFF comex member “completely clueless”

Eric Borghini was stunned by Le Graët’s slip. Zidane “is an extraordinary champion, one of those French who make our country shine and who gathers all the voices around him, an extraordinary symbol of our youth. This is the reason why I completely do not understand the statements made by the president”, an executive member of the FFF told AFP, but was satisfied that Breton “has calmed down and conveyed his apologies to Zinedine”.


Bachelot: Le Graët “collecting the pot”

Asked about the RMC, the former sports minister pointed to the “awkwardness” of Le Graët, the author of the statement insulting Zidane, “the icon that united France”.

“It was so awkward, it’s just incredible that a federation president would make a mistake like that, she put it together, pan,” added Roselyne Bachelot.

The latter also determines the power available, or not, to Amélie Oudéa-Castéra after such a journey. “It is not the Minister of Sport who appoints the president of the federation. Fortunately there were elections in the federation, recalls Bachelot. He could express his anger and disapproval, which he did, but he could not fire Noël Le Graët. »


Séjourné: “Ask yourself if he can still lead”

Politicians continued to question the position of “NLG” at the helm of the FFF. “We need at least an apology and then we have to ask ourselves whether Noël Le Graët is still capable of leading the federation,” the secretary general of the Renaissance party, Stéphane Séjourné, told the Senate Public.


Jospin: ‘Zidane deserves our admiration’

Former Prime Minister Lionel Jospin wrote to L’Equipe to warn that Zinedine Zidane should be “treated with respect”. “I just want to say that Zinédine Zidane, a great player who illustrated French sport and a great club coach, deserves our admiration”, he reacted after leaving Le Graët, which Jospin “n’ overlooked by the job done as FFF President”.

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Olivia Gregoire: “It’s time to ask about your future”

“That’s beneath everything. The SME Minister’s delegation considered “the time has come to ask about his future”. Asked about France 2, Olivia Gregoire blasted Le Graët’s lack of respect for Zidane. “Football and our legends deserve better, this does not depend on the president of the FFF. »


Djibril Cissé chain reaction

“Mr Le Graët, please respect Mr Zidane a bit. Where do you think you are,” the former France international’s first reaction was. In the process, Djibril Cissé again challenged the FFF president: “Get out! “Last episode, new tweet written after the apology was made by Breton. “Wise decision, Mr. Le Graët. Zizou was untouched. »


Charbonnier: “Evil goes much deeper”

According to Lionel Charbonnier, the FFF president is not the only problem in French football’s governing body.

“So the NLG is totally not responsible! Because he is SUPPORTED by his constituents! Did each voter vote for the goodness of French football and its future? Or his own good and his own future? CRIME IS MUCH deeper! Been saying this a long time but (hand over the ear emoji),” the 1998 world champion tweeted.


Roussel: “Live on retirement at 60! »

The 2022 presidential election candidate, Fabien Roussel tweeted a lengthy call calling for “NLG” to resign. “How long do we have to stick with Noël Le Graët? Suspicions of abuse at the FFF, unconditional support for Qatar, public humiliation of French football monuments… Le Graët is an embarrassment to French sport, he must resign. Retired for life at 60! »


A deputy will ask the minister for Le Graët’s resignation

“I will be submitting written questions to the Minister asking for his resignation in the next few hours,” tweeted François Piquemal, deputy of the 4th district of Haute-Garonne.


Le Graët apologizes to Zinedine Zidane

The FFF president acknowledged the “awkward comments” about Zinedine Zidane. “I want to apologize for these statements which in no way reflect my thoughts, or my considerations for him as a player and as a coach,” the French football boss said in a statement to AFP press.


Fauré, former Guingamp player: “Get out and give back the keys”

Cédric Fauré, a former EA Guingamp player, criticized the methods of “NLG”, the former president of the Breton club. “Le Graet, already in Guingamp you were a president who didn’t respect the players I followed and today you didn’t respect Zidane, but it’s a shame that French football has a president like you. Just go out and give back the keys,” attacked Toulousain on Twitter.


Real denounces “lack of respect”

Real Madrid “deplores the unfortunate remarks made by the FFF president” about the former player and coach, the club said in a statement. After showing this “lack of respect”, the Spanish team also criticized Le Graët’s display of Karim Benzema.


“Dry January may not be her thing”

Jordan Bardella blasted Le Graët’s statement. Unfortunately, the president of the RN announced that the number 1 FFF is not trying to have a alcohol-free January.


Ribéry: “we should consider consulting quickly”

Ironically, Franck Ribéry paid Noël Le Graët, while supporting Zinedine Zidane.


An “ugly guy”

French basketball player Evan Fournier also reacted to Le Graët’s exit: “What a lack of respect!! How many mistakes did this bad boy take to clear the floor?”, the New York Knicks player tweeted.


Representative Yvelines is in charge of Le Graët

Aurore Bergé, MP for Yvelines, spoke at France Inter about the crisis in French football: “Zidane is more important for football, France and France than Noël Le Graët. Questions about his place and the presidency of the Federation must be asked.



“Awkwardness of expression”, according to the Le Graët camp

“The president has a very good relationship with Zidane. They traded again recently during the Ballon d’Or. Noël Le Graët knows exactly what he represents in the history of French football, the FFF president’s camp explained to L’Equipe. By expressing himself in this way, Noël Le Graët wants to show that Zidane has the possibility to go wherever he wants. That all possibilities are available to him. »


Mbappé-Le Graët: a history of tension


Pietrus’ hatred

“Noël Le Graët” followed by three “vomit” emojis, Florent Pietrus, a former player for the French basketball team, expressed his annoyance at the FFF president’s statement.


“Shameful tribute to a sporting legend”


A wave of anger after Le Graët’s words

Firefighters, Djorkaeff, Pokora… the reaction has been multiplied since Noël Le Graët’s release on French football legend Zinedine Zidane on Sunday night.



“I have nothing to shake”

The president of the federation, who has decided to extend Didier Deschamps at the head of the Blues until 2026, was asked about the fate of Zinedine Zidane who wants the job.


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