Urbex and bones found in Trébons (65): investigation opened for home invasion

The editorial staff advises you

A response to a video published December 4 on YouTube by “Jo Urbex”, filmed on this property, presented as “an abandoned castle in the Pyrenees” and where “explorers” found, among other things, human bones and medical bones. instrument. All in the “Masonic temple”.

“The property is partitioned,” assures the owner who filed a complaint for breach of domicile.



Through his attorney, Me Tristan Soulard, the owner filed a complaint on December 14 for a home invasion, theft, and invasion of privacy. The Tarbes prosecutor’s office has opened a preliminary investigation. “For us, there is no debate,” said the lawyer. Even if this place is uninhabited, it is partitioned off, with doors, shutters. And we entered by unsealing the bricks. »

Me Tristan Soulard has confirmed the opening of a preliminary investigation following his client's complaint.

Me Tristan Soulard has confirmed the opening of a preliminary investigation following his client’s complaint.


The complaint also targets “theft of material and immaterial documents by shooting at private property”. Me Soulard specified: “To be able to communicate on the document network, it is necessary to disclose violations. And this is clearly not the case. »

The editorial staff advises you

The owner, who wished to remain anonymous, was supportive: “My father was a Freemason. I don’t, but here we are in the ultimate fantasy. These two youtubers have found the perfect vein for selling sensationalism: Freemasonry, medical devices, bones…”

In a press release sent out on Dec. 13, the Tarbes prosecutor’s office indicated that the bones “could fit into an anatomical framework serving as an object of medical study”. The owner’s father, who is said to have “built this building stone by stone in the 1970s” was a doctor. And before resin, anatomical skeletons were made from human bones.

“Urban Legend”

“This skeleton, I have never seen it, convinced the owner. I can’t say he wasn’t there, but it was something I didn’t know. The medical instruments and lab slides shown in the video “did not line up as presented”. The object has been moved. “And what they present as scraps of skin is protection from circular saws! “With his attorney, he suspects “staging”. “What’s going to get crazy is we’re calling the police at the end of the video. »

The abundant comments below the video with almost 500,000 views also surprised the owner. “Some talk about organ harvesting, people running out of water in the dungeons, we’re talking about an urban legend! And everyone adds their grain of salt. All there is to say about this place, I’ve heard of it, but not on this scale. No longer local youths trying to scare each other, but adults telling stories and falling into conspiracies. »

“They want to silence us”

In the second video posted on December 11, the exploring duo managed to make their “terrible discovery”, and made it clear that we wanted to “shut their mouths”, while integrating advertisements for food products. “Other than me contacting them not to publish my property videos, who would want to silence them? asked the owner. “And I filed a complaint after this second video. »

“This was a fairly simple property offenses case,” concluded Me Tristan Soulard, who recalled that only prosecutors had the chance to try. “As for these so-called explorers, they will run the risk of possible punishments that will set precedents, including for those who practice exploration of abandoned places, no doubt illegally, but in a more honorable way. »

Since the video’s release, the venue has been visited “very regularly”. Degradation was observed on three occasions. “It is a dangerous place, under construction, supporting Me Soulard. If I’m not careful, if I’m a teenager, I could hurt myself. We do our best to avoid accidents and stop the bleeding. »

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