The most important components in a PC in 2023 will be right before our eyes

Many manufacturers are presenting new PCs at CES 2023. If you pay attention, one trend stands out: screens have become the king of innovation in the field.

Taking place in early January, CES 2023’s role is to define major trends in technology for the coming year. If we take a look at the many announcements in the PC space, a fairly clear trend emerges: the screen is at the center of all innovation.

It has to be said that, despite the generational changes at Intel, AMD and Nvidia always promising more performance, other laptop PCs have not changed much: USB-C connectors are still there, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or storage and RAM are no longer revolutionized. Right before our eyes everything changed.

Oled continues to democratize on PC

For several years, we’ve known about Oled displays on Asus and were more fragmented on other brands. It must be said that manufacturers now occupy more than 60% of the OLED market in PC alone. This Asus hegemony must end in 2023.

LG specifically will be switching its LG Gram line of ultraportables to Oled in 2023, without changing the weight of the machines.

Samsung Odyssey OLED // Source: Samsung Electronics

Samsung notably features an impressive 49-inch OLED display in its Odyssey lineup. Lenovo is not behind with a few machines equipped with OLED tiles. The Lenovo ThinkBook Plus goes a step further by adding an e-ink display on the second side to maximize autonomy on certain tasks. Acer is also developing an OLED monitor with LG Display at CES 2023.

And miniLED is the alternative

But Oled technology isn’t the alpha and omega of modern PC screens. Apple has demonstrated this with its MacBook Pro 14, the mini-LED display can offer very precise colors, excellent contrast levels and impressive brightness. The screen then looks smooth, both for work and play.

Razer Blade 16 and Blade 18 // Source: Razer

This is undoubtedly what convinced Razer to highlight this technology with its new Razer Blade 16 and 18. In this case, they demonstrated another trend at CES: the enlargement of panels thanks to the narrowing of the borders. Several manufacturers have announced PCs with more generous and comfortable diagonals, especially for gaming PCs, HP, for its part, launched the Omen laptop featuring a 17-inch display.

Video games still attract as much

Growth in the PC sector over the past few years has come from the gaming segment. At CES 2023, brands have redoubled their efforts to convince. As such, we’ve seen machines like the Acer Predator line up in all the superlatives. Products that integrate 13th generation Intel Core and GeForce RTX 4000 for laptops.

Alienware 500Hz display

Here again we must not forget about the screen: Acer announced QHD up to 250 Hz Alienware offers a screen capable of up to 500 Hz.

There are also those who are trying to bring video games to a new box. We think of GeForce Now’s evolution in cloud gaming, or Dell’s quest to reinvent PC gaming and run on ever-higher-powered machines.

Even Chromebooks can touch video games with cloud gaming. Asus offers a very well thought out example on paper.

And content creators

To shine in the living room, it’s not just products aimed at gamers that can hit the mark. Brands want to aim too” content maker not to mention YouTube videographers and influencers. To seduce them, you generally need a very high-quality screen and cutting-edge performance, but without the tacky design of a gaming product.

In this area, we have to admit that Asus is pushing itself with its new ProArt lineup which innovates this year with a very convincing 3D display. We were able to find him at a Las Vegas show location.

As for external monitors, Samsung has presented the ViewFinity S9 screen which can compete with Apple Studio Display and Dell is betting on the practical side with USB-C connectivity and 6K definition.

CES 2023 innovative design

CES is also a platform for prototypes or innovative ideas that don’t necessarily achieve immediate success with the general public. Asus has launched a new generation of ROG Flow products that are still trying to combine transformable ultraportable products with gaming machines.

Lenovo YogaBook 9i // Source: Lenovo

But here Lenovo is hitting hard with the Lenovo Yoga Book 9i. This PC boasts two 2.8K Oled touchscreens in the image of the fiery Surface Neo. The brand promises that its design will allow us to increase productivity, in particular by using it as a large desktop PC if we have access to a desk. It’s reminiscent of the Zenbook Fold we tested in 2022.

2023, the year of a better look on PC

Switch to Oled or mini-LED, higher display frequency, HDR and richer colors: our PC screens will improve greatly in 2023. It’s time, dealing with our smartphones and tablets, PC is one of the bad students in this region.

The transition to a new generation of AMD, Intel, or Nvidia chips will undoubtedly impact both in terms of performance and autonomy, but it’s not something that should change our relationship with machines or revolutionize usage. On the other hand, a significant increase in display quality should provide a real and immediate benefit to the user.

Hopefully these changes will quickly make their way into the more accessible range of machines. CES is an event where brands show off their technology. It’s beautiful, but you still have to be able to afford it. This is one of the big challenges in IT after the inflation and component crisis of 2020-2022.

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