INFO MIDOL – Pierre Mignoni is very close to the Blues staff, it was created for Laurent Sempéré

INFO MIDI OLYMPIC – After several months of reflection, coach Fabien Galthié has decided: Pierre Mignoni, current RCT manager and Laurent Sempéré, French Stadium striker, will replace Laurent Labit and Karim Ghezal on the Blues staff, respectively, in the World Cup results 2023.

Fabien Galthié does not remain silent. On 3 October, we revealed in this column that attacking coach Laurent Labit and touch-in-charge assistant Karim Ghezal will no longer be on the France XV staff after the World Cup. Directions French Stadium for two technicians. The information was confirmed a few days later by owner-president Hans-Peter Wild. Clearly, the Blues coach first focused on preparing for the November tour. With great success.

But, once the meeting against Japan ended, he did some consultations. He surveyed the various technicians. Others, such as current Scotland manager Gregor Townsend, have stepped up. Very quickly, two names stood out. Firstly, Pierre Mignoni, currently the manager of RC Toulon. Then, Laurent Sempéré, the French Stadium striker coach. With the former, discussions are back upstream from the official announcement of Laurent Labit’s departure, as the latter has informed the coach of his questions regarding his future. Since then, Galthié and Mignoni have never stopped discussing, and the desire to work together has been aroused.

Pierre Mignoni has been RCT’s manager since this summer.
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According to our information, a final meeting is scheduled in the next few days to draw the final outline of their collaboration. Pierre Mignoni would then give his consent. Admittedly, the former scrum half international is under contract with club Var until June 2026 and has just, a few months ago, returned to his coaching club to take charge, along with Franck Azéma, of new project toulon. If he does not have a release clause, President Lemaître will assure him that if there is an appeal from the French XV, he will not oppose his departure.

These future associations may already be seen in 2019. That was Bernard Laporte’s wish at the time. The man who had recently stepped down from the FFR presidency (see page 28) had suggested to Fabien Galthié to work with Lou’s then manager. In the end, the agreement was not reached. four years later, “the train has passed”slipped, smile on lips, actor close to file.

“Exchange” Semperé – Ghezal!

As for the touch trainer, Fabien Galthié seems to follow some form of logic. Four years ago, he went in search of Lyon staff Karim Ghezal, who was then coaching the best of the Big 14. Four years later, the bus repeats. This time, the Blues boss turned to Laurent Sempéré who built the best touch in the championship but also the best scrum. Galthié voiced, as soon as the November tour wrapped up, a former prostitute in his future that he knew was uncertain due to the arrival of Labit and Ghezal. Situation was favorable to convince Sempéré, a stadiste for fifteen years, and especially a coach who was increasingly coveted by several Top 14 teams, to join him at the heart of the federal project. By the way, a cute crossover.

Laurent Sempéré will replace Karim Ghezal at the Blues, who will join French Stadium.

Laurent Sempéré will replace Karim Ghezal at the Blues, who will join French Stadium.
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Crucially, scrum coach William Servat, who had been back involved with the French XV for another four years, was immediately seduced by the idea and validated it. The two technicians have discussed their future operations as they will be required to work in pair form with the tricolor going forward.

Still according to our information, this case is almost finished because the Sempéré contract is in the proofreading stage by the Director General of FFR Laurent Gabbanini. Signing should happen in the near future. The Paris leaders are aware of the situation and, even if their forward coach is under contract until June 2024, they will not oppose his departure. Honestly, this opportunity even seems to suit them: Labit and Ghezal still haven’t officially decided on his future as Paris staff.

As such, Pierre Mignoni and Laurent Sempéré, will join the Blues staff at the end of the 2023 World Cup. Raphaël Ibanez’s staff should be renewed soon, though his prerogative could evolve…

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