Fairs, music, sea bathing, theater…: tourist attractions in Sète and Bassin de Thau


Thau Free Wheels at “Le Grand Bains” in Frontignan!

The Association of La Roue Libre de Thau offers to start the year off with a bang by participating in the Grand Bains Solidaire, Mouettes beach in Frontignan (showers at 11am) Sunday 8th January! Meet at 10am at the quai des Moulins “Bricorama” car park or 10:30am at the agricultural school in Frontignan, in your swimsuit and towel. The most daring will receive their diploma and everyone will be able to enjoy tasting the famous “Muschlor” to warm up. Hosted in partnership with Secours Populaire.

The great baths in Frontignan!

A meeting place for lovers of Mare Nostrum that is not to be missed, on the water or on the sand, the atmosphere is guaranteed! The most daring will receive a traditional diploma and everyone will be able to enjoy tasting the famous “Musklo” with music to warm up! At 11 o’clock Sunday 8th January Mouettes beach in Frontignan.

The Three Kings of Gardiole

Visit-show Sunday 8th January around the arrival of the Three Kings and the Extreme Shepherd, who is about to descend from the land of the dinosaurs, all accompanied by music by Jean Alingrin and his musicians. Participants who wish to dress up are welcome. Free, all common (except strollers and dogs, even on harnesses), in partnership with the Dromasud and Le Temps Jadis farms. Meet 13.30 in the parking lot of the Nikola-Karabatic sports hall, depart 14.00, Pioch-Michel fitness track. Info and registration at 04 67 18 54 92.


Church of Saint-Hilaire “Quatrâmes” in Mèze

Saint-Hilaire de Mèze Church welcomes, Sunday 8th January at 5pm, OONM room lineup “Quatrâmes” for “classical and Broadway” programs for violin (Sylvie and Olivier Jung), and cello (Alexandre Dmitriev). by tango arrangements, opera arias and film scores… Price €8.10 and 12, Château de Girard ticket office 04 99 02 22 01.


“Viva Frida” at Molière

The Molière Theater on Victor-Hugo street presents, Tuesday January 10that 8.30pm, the play “Frida” by Didier Goupil with Claire Nebout. Women, Mexicans, communists, disabled, victims of bus accidents, for Frida Kahlo, struggle is a necessity… The diary of a woman who is struggling to find. Prices from €10 to €25, ticket office on 04 67 74 02 02.


“Simple Fiction & Augmented Reality” at MIAM

The International Museum of Modest Arts at 23, quai de Lattre-de-Tassigny, welcomes, until January 8th, exhibition “Simple Fiction & Augmented Reality” “The Utopian Adventures of Humanity Without Limits”. From comics to less expected support, such as videos, photos or even digital art, this exhibition provides a proud venue for artists’ exploration of La “S”, the Grand Atelier where artists with mental disabilities and artists without disabilities work together. … Prices from €5.60 to €2.60, Tuesday to Sunday, 09:30 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 18:00. Info at 04 99 04 76 44.

Exhibition “Fait Machine” in Miam

The International Museum of Simple Art at 23, quai de Lattre-de-Tassigny, after the exhibition “Fait Maison”, presents the exhibition “Fait Machines”, which is devoted to digital form and the transformation of code into matter, or how artists take it through digital means, has transferred processes and machines to create their masterpieces. Many artists took part in the exhibition which was divided into 2 parts, each occupying one of the 2 levels of space, the “Laboratory” on the ground floor, and the “Benang Code” on the 1st floor. From Tuesday to Sunday from 09.30 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00.

“Jean-Luc Parant in great memory” at the Paul Valéry museum

The Paul Valéry Museum at 148, rue François-Desnoyer welcomes you through Sunday 12 February exhibition “Jean-Luc Parant in memory of the great”, personal works and awards from the artist. The visual artist and poet died on July 25 and the Jean-Luc Parant exhibition fund, which was largely unpublished, has been enriched by numerous loans.

The Gérard Titus-Carmel exhibition at the Paul Valéry museum

The Paul Valéry Museum at 148, rue François-Desnoyer welcomes you until Sunday 12th February, exhibition “Forestières & autres arpents” by Gérard Titus-Carmel (paintings, drawings and picture books). Seen daily, except Monday, from 10.00 to 18.00.

Exhibition “Black sky, black sea”, Quartier-Haut chapel

The Quartier-Haut Chapel on Rue Borne is welcoming until January 15thexhibition “Black Sky, Black Sea” by Olivier Kosta-Théfaine, winner of the 2018 call for the creative project Mécènes du Sud Montpellier-Sète-Béziers. Free admission every day (except Tuesday), from 10:00 to 18:00.

Nativity scene by painter Michel Ballanger at La Salette

The Chapel of Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette on Mont Saint-Clair hosted the 24th Nativity scene by painter Michel Ballanger, made of wood, straw, foam paper, wire mesh, decorations and stone figures. The exhibition is visible until January 15thduring chapel opening hours.

Collective exhibition at the Plurielle Gallery

Galerie Plurielle at 65 and 76, Grand’rue Mario-Roustan, a vibrant art specialist, has concocted an original selection of “anti-blues” pieces in Halloween colors! On the program: Grégogna, Baptista, Louriac, Boris OA, Vassiliu, Mike Jacob, Marco, Patopalomo, Pierre François among others… Admission is free.

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